Friday, September 28, 2012


Oh Happy Happy Friday Friends!!!!!
I just wanted to leave you with a little truth wrapped up in humor for your weekend!
thank you Pinterest
This totally sums up who I am!!!  I am at the end of three/four weeks of this new routine and I'm definitely passed the "I Love Routine" mark, I've been hanging out quite a bit in the "Until I'm bored" mark and I definitely feel the "Until I'm Overwhelmed" mark looming ever so closely!!
This is a challenge for me, I know for a lot of you, this is a cake walk - but for me? Not so much.
Anyway, thanks to the strength of God, I am daily leaning into Him to keep me moving forward and He is actively participating in the battle that rages in my mind!!!  I will not ponder a negative thought for more than a minute and I'm looking forward to the day (and I pray it's soon) that the thought will be defeated before it even gets to my mind!!
Well, I pray that you have a blessed weekend!!! Remember that each and every day is truly a gift from God, no matter what the wrapping paper may look like!!  So do your best to accept the gift and look for ways to enjoy it!!
Love <3 Lorraine

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