Monday, September 24, 2012

behind the scenes

So as most of you (my friends, that is) know, on Thursday evening I was feeling a bit unsettled and in a strong need of change!  I was exhausted and was advised to rest and let things be!  Well I went to bed at 8:00 that night and apparently that extra rest gave me the umph that I needed to tackle the change on Friday night!!

After several partial conversations with my hubby, we busted a move around 8:00 (i think)!!  I am forever thinking about how things could be better, whether it's form or function, I can't help it, it's just in me!!!  I wasn't looking to just move furniture around the living room, I was ready to move furniture out of the living room, and the dining room AND the family room!!!

We are not finished with the spaces yet but I thought I'd give you a little glimpse behind the scenes, rather behind the cabinets.  They, too, got an overhaul!!  It's not ideal and my dishes aren't exactly what I want, but hey!!  I sure am glad that I have them!!

So here it is!!

This is the pantry closet that resides in the original dining room.  It's been a pantry and a china closet.....now it houses all of our baking supplies; pans, carriers, sprinkles, etc.   The large white plastic basket on the bottom holds cookie cutters and there's another on the bottom shelf that holds confectioners sugar, brown sugar and chocolate chips.  I like to keep things together whenever possible.  That way we all know where something is, there's never a question....well, until I decide to change it up again!!

These two are pretty self explanatory!!  One holds our matching set of dishes and mugs and yes, random bowls on top and the other is our glasses and random mugs.  I think it's time to go through and thin out this random collection of dishware!!  I would absolutely LOVE a set of nice white dishes, but that's not happenin' any time soon!!  You can still group things together and have it look decent, even if it doesn't all match.

We moved our pots and pans up from the space under our stove (we have a cooktop).  These deep corner cabinets are hard to use for smaller things and if you're short they're even harder!!

This was a random medicine and odd bowl space, sorely underused!!  Now it's home to our mixing bowls and strainers!

This is one of my favorite pieces of furniture!!!  It's been our china closet and pantry as well and it even housed our schoolbooks!!
Now it's our media cabinet!!  There's plenty of space for our gaming systems (three of them, which I think is a bit much), video games, equipment and movies!!
This is another great cabinet that I picked up at a phenomenal yard sale!!  It was orignially in the girls room and held anything from craft supplies to bins of clothing and shoes!!  As of about a month ago, it was a media cabinet in our living room turned dining room!
Can you tell I love things that are multi-functional??!!

Now it holds our tupperware and random pantry items....these were previously housed in our big hutch, that got moved into the new dining room!! 
Tupperware always seems to be a problem!!  So we group like items together and stack them and I've used these smaller white plastic baskets to hold the lids....all round together, all square and all rectangular lids together!!  No guessing, no tossing them anywhere!!!  Baskets are the answer to pretty much every storage issue you have!!!  You can't ever have too many!!
So there ya have it!  A quick look behind the cabinets!!!  There are a few more that need attention, but that will come another day!!
What's in your closets???

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