Thursday, June 20, 2013

What's been going on?

Things are starting to slow down around here.....a tiny. little. bit!!  I thought I'd take a few quick moments to catch you up on what's been going on around here!!!!  The last time I stopped by it was April, I had needed a break and had some big things on the horizon....you can read about that here!!

So, May:

I decorated my first (and probably only) barn wedding!!  It was a blast!! It was scarey!!  It was a personal challenge, trusting in the abilities that God has given me and the encouragement that I got from friends and family.  There were many times that I wanted to quit and run away (which is my "panic button")  But....I didn't do that, I pushed through and it was amazing!!!!

photo courtesy of Satta Photography

I wish that I could share all of the pictures with you, because it was such a great wedding!!  All of the details matched the bride and groom perfectly and the photographer did an incredible job at capturing it all!!! I could probably do a post just on his photography, his shots were unbelievable and magical!!  Make sure you check out his website, one word of caution...he's based out of Thailand!!  But he does visit the states and I believe he's planning a trip back here in the fall!!  Check out his facebook page here!! {tell him I sent ya!!!}

After the wedding came Jessica's GED test...which she passed and is now a High School Graduate!!!  At age 16, I might add!!!  She's done her first year at community college and is well on her way to achieving the goals that she has set before herself!!  We are very proud of her, to say the least!! 

Two weeks after the wedding, I was on to our Youth Group Girls Retreat!!  It's another decorating opportunity for me, plus (and way more importantly) a chance to really pour some Jesus into these teens that our youth team work with!!  The theme was "Obsessed" and it was based off of a six week bible study book by Hayley Dimarco.  We tackled the things in life that we tend to be obsessed with and then wrapped it up by looking at what it looks like to be Obsessed with God.  It was an incredible weekend!!

"Are you ready to unpack your Obsessions?" This is where girls could come and write down things they were ready to let go of; things that were taking over the space where God is supposed to be.

We hid a large ping-pong table behind that burlap and bookcase :)

Just a few areas that I get to decorate!

Sunday morning we wrap up with a sunrise service on the beach!! We are up at 4:45 and out the door by 5:00.  It's an incredible way to spend a morning after digging deep all weekend.  To sit on the empty beach, anticpate the rising sun, and hear the crashing of the waves is a very humbling experience.  It's definitely the highlight of the weekend.
The Ladies Tea was next on the schedule and it was a blast!!!!  The ladies had shown me this picture at the last tea and said "THIS IS WHAT WE WANT YOU TO MAKE US!!!!"  Okay, maybe they weren't that demanding, but I wasn't about to let this group of ladies down!!
So this is what they got!!!!  
I went with the zebra print with hot pink, because, well, why the heck not!!??  They are such a sweet and fun group of women and this ministry is something that I'm so honored to be a part of!!!  Next tea.....The Mad Hatters Tea Party!!!!  Should be fun!!
I've had a few cookie orders mixed in between and a few more to come!!  I've done Thomas the Train, Princess, Birthday (hat, gift, cupcake) and I have a rehearsal dinner and a pirate party coming up!!  You can check out my facebook page here.  I don't know where this will go, but I'm enjoying it for where it is right now!!
We've officially wrapped up our homeschooling for the summer!  Joe is off on a mission trip this weekend, Jaysen heads to camp in July, Julia turns 9 and I will be at camp in August as the craft lady and a teacher, while Jessica takes care of the camp store and Joe camps that week!  We're hoping to have our pool cleared up soon and I'm looking forward to a lot of lazy days at the pool!!!
Life in between these events have been sweet with a little taste of this and that.....here a few pics!!  Okay, so I was going to give you a few more pics, but blogger isn't cooperating!  And maybe it's best anyway.....you might be sick of pictures, who knows?  Bill and I got away for a quick weekend escape!! We went to a B & B in Havre de Grace, MD and it was a much needed break and rest!!  The flowers have been blooming diligently and whenever we have a second, we are out there cutting them and making beautiful arrangements to enjoy!
I've had to fight looking at my summer as being over before it begins .  We always have one major event in each month and I tend to glaze over and miss the in between times.  The backward bucket lists have really been a help for me in that area and I'm sure I'll do another one throughout the summer.  If you want to check them out, you can do that  here and here!!
What have you been up to and what's on your bucket list??  Do you have a summer bucket list?
God Bless <3 Lorraine