Friday, September 7, 2012

Aaahhhh September

September always hits me like a brick wall.  Yes, I know it's coming, but I'm somehow never prepared for all that comes with the month!  Soccer starts a few weeks before September hits, gearing me up for the crazy schedule of practices and games!!  Right now we are at four nights a week, two nights for the boys and two for the girl.  Then the weekends, starting this one, will be games on Saturday (the girl) and Sunday (the boys). {and that's just soccer!!}

We start school, typically the second week of the month.  We have three birthdays to celebrate right out of the gate!!!!  Jaysen is 11 today, Jon will be 21 on Monday......21.......on Monday.  How do I have a 21 year old???  Can someone please tell me?  Oh nevermind, I know how.  Last for the month, but not the least by far is Jessica who will be 16 on Wednesday!!  Someone call 911, I think I may overdose on buttercream icing!!!!!

September 2011

That's a whole lotta birthday cake!!!!  We got Jessica's celebration out of the way last week.  Jaysen chose a very low-key celebration with just a friend or two coming over to spend the night.  Jon, well he's gonna be 21, we won't talk about his celebration!!!!  I feel like I always fail at coming up with a sweet, special way to make their individual days super.  I'm always looking for something to do and usually come up with......nothing.  It's hard having them this close together.  If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them!!

I love the idea of taking the birthday kid out for a special dinner, but that's a lot of dinners out for one week/weekend.  So instead we are taking them all out at once.  Jessica said she'd really prefer to be all together anyway, it would be kind of strange with just her and Bill and I.  I suppose she's right - we are together for everything else and we've not done it any differently before, so why start now?
Yesterday was day two of classes for Jessica......I think that we both felt that she was somewhat of a seasoned pro at this point. Okay maybe not, but still......getting past that first day is huge. It was still very odd dropping her off and watching her walk away. Fighting between seeing her as a little girl heading to the bus stop and seeing her as the grown young woman heading off to college, TWO YEARS EARLY!!!!! Have I mentioned that? I think I have -anyway.....
I prayed this prayer as she walked away;
"Lord, Bless her and keep her,
make your face to shine upon her.
Raise your countenance on her and give her
I love the song that John Waller does on this prayer.  Such a beautiful prayer.  I pray it for each of my children actually.  For them to walk in God's blessing....not that they would necessarily gain material good, but that they would have the light of God's face smile down on them.  That they would give themselves to Him completely, knowing that He is the only way. 
Back to birthdays before I go;  I decorated the dining room early this morning with streamers while the kids were still sleeping.  It's not much, but I want Jaysen to know how much we love him and how we celebrate this day with him.  I don't want these birthdays to blend into every other day of the week/year/life.  I don't want them to roll into eachother like one more thing on the calendar.  It doesn't take a lot to make it special - I have to remember that.  I don't need grand ideas, just something hearfelt and that will be grand enough!! 
I pray that you have a blessed weekend!!  Just for kicks, pull out some streamers and decorate a space in your home and celebrate!!!  Each day is a gift - let's make it a party!!!
God Bless <3 Lorraine


  1. Happy Birthday to Jaysen, Jon, and Jess (Man, the holidays must have been a busy time for you, Lorraine! lol). Enjoy them!

  2. *Correction......on the picture of Jaysen I put 12 years old.......he's 11 :) Thanks to my cousin kathleen for point that out!!!