Wednesday, September 26, 2012

School Room Tour - Part One: My Space

Let me preface this tour by telling you that we have been homeschooling for 8 years and have probably had as many "school rooms" in that time!!!  We have schooled in the living room, dining room and we have even turned our attached garage into a classroom.....we've used the family room for storage as well! Jessica has used her bedroom, Joe has only a few times during the week that he does school here at home, and that happens at the dining room table.  Other times it's on the road or with Jessica where she works.  Life shifted and so did our rooms and furniture (surprise surprise) and now we have a fully functional school room!!  Now, I have to say that I believe any space can be fully functional, you just have to be creative with what you need, how you use it and what space you have!  There is no right or wrong space....it's all what you make it!!

Let's get started. 

Won't you step into.........

This monster is my desk/office and it was a steal, along with a credenza, two bookcases and a chair for $150!!!!!  It was a craig's list find....I highly reccomend craig's list....we've gotten some amazing deals from there!!  As with anything on line, you have to be smart and safe, but we've never ran into any problems!! 

It has a huuuge work space!!!  I had to get up high just to try to fit it all in the same shot and still was unable!!

In addition to this awesome desktop, it has three drawers on the left side and two on the right, with one being a file drawer!!  My drawers are somewhat of a mess, but I tend to keep some stationary supplies in a few of them, things I don't have a place for in others, computer wires in another and of course, files in the file drawer!!!  Those files contain homeschooling ideas for history, science, math worksheets, files for Jessica's college and Honduras information and personal files as well.
What do I keep on my desk??  Well, I came across these sweet cups at Target!!  The first time it was just a drive by....they were on clearance for under $5.00.  The next time I went to Target, I knew I had to have them!!
I knew as soon as I saw them, that they'd be perfect on my desk holding paper clips, alligator clips and other small desk items!!

I also keep a spot for schedules and an in/out bin for turning in work.

And some extra supplies, just in case.......

Behind me is what I like to call.......
It's a work in progress!!  I'd like to paint some of those frames so that they pop off the wall and of course add some fun and color to the otherwise gray corner!!
I downloaded and printed the tape measure, I'm sorry that I don't remember where I found it!!  If I ever do remember, I'll be sure to give credit where credit is due!!
My son, Joe made me the Ninja Star wreath!!  The square chalkboard I picked up at FiveBelow and the crate looking box is actually a blueberry box that I found on Craig's List at DiMeo's Farms!!  I love these boxes, I have several and have found many different uses for them!!

This is where I keep a mix of things....both personal and school related!  We'll start with the bulletin board.  Here I keep a small mothly calendar that I printed off of the computer for free, a piece of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper covered in clear contact paper to make it a message board (which I don't really use), a list for daily chores (which I don't really use either) or things to do and any pictures or notes from my kids.
Here's a closer view of the bookcase.

On the top I have a sorting box that holds devotional books and notebooks - I have a lot of both!  Also on the top shelf are my Math Teacher's Guide and two of my bibles.  On the next row down I have some of my reading books, a stack of which are gifts for some friends of mine (ssshhhh), a small box of knock-off washi tape, a picture frame with scrapbook paper in it and a post it-note on it, the black metal box holds more books.  I've got some reading to do!!
Next row down is a basket of printed printer paper, say that five times quickly.  There's a random roll of packing tape (ya just never know) and a paper cutter.  Under that is a large grouping of colored file folders, printer and photo paper in the boxes, a desktop organizer that I made out of a cereal box and a large stack of tissue paper that I promised Julia I'd make these out of!!
It's cozy back here, I have a super view out of the double window next to my desk.  I can look out at the trees in my backyard and I have a super view of the rest of the room!!

I love watching the leaves on the birch tree dance in the breeze, listen to the roosters crowing and the birds singing.  I think it helps keep me grounded and mindful of God's gifts throughout the day.  Out the other window, to the right, I can see a windmill in the distance.  It's a very peaceful scene.
Well, that concludes this portion of our tour!!  Here's a quick peek of the other piece of my view:

We'll get into this side of the room in my next post - School Room Tour - Part Two:  Their Space!!
I hope you have enjoyed this portion of the tour, come back again to see the rest!!



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