Monday, October 1, 2012

School Room Tour - Part Two: Their Space

Hey welcome back to the tour!!!!  Today we're heading into kid territory!!!  Otherwise called "Their Space"!!!!!  I showed you this pic in the last post:
So let's dig in and see what's goin' on over there, shall we??
So, their desks came from a Habitat for Humanity - Resale store and they are actually drawing desks.....the desktop can be raised up on an agle for better drawing.  I always try to keep them in the up position with the hope that "stuff" won't accumulate on top, but it never works out!!  They also have two shelves to hold their books and pencil boxes.
They were both supposed to have that red basket on their desk, which holds things to do in case of extra time, extra math workbooks, flash cards, etc.  Of course, now that we are three weeks into school, if they finish an assignment early, I've been telling them to move onto something else in their schedule.  So we don't typically use the "Things to-do" baskets, but it was a good idea!!
They each have a square chalkboard from Five Below and I've taped a copy of their weekly schedule on to them.  Jaysen likes to draw and tapes his pictures up around his desk and Julia has a magnet board that I made years ago out of a cookie sheet, scrapbook paper and some Mod Podge.  At this point though, the board is gone because it always fell down!
Both desks look incredibly clean and well organized in these pictures, and let me assure you, that is not always the case!!!  See here:

That's real life!!  Right there for all to see!!!
Okay, back to the tour :)
So we have the desks, now onto the area in between:

So here we have one of the bookcases from the craig's list desk set and that sits on top of an old drop leaf table.  Behind that notice branches.....it's a large tree that I painted last year.....my plan was to make it a Missionary tree, which I sort have accomplished, just not completely the way that I'd planned.  We have pictures tacked up of our missionary friends from around the world.  My overall goal is to have the pictures in nice frames "hanging" from the branches.....maybe one day!

On the bookcase we have more things to keep them busy, and yes that actually translates into, more things that we don't use :/  Yeah, I have a lot of that!!  I've been slowly working on downsizing my stuff....getting rid of the items that I know we are never going to use and unmasking the ideal for what it is.......something that really can't be achieved in one certain way.  I've always tended to look at the "ideals" that the world shows and then end up frustrated that I can't achieve it in my own life.  Never realizing that the magazines are just that....magazines; staged, pretend pictures of what "could be"!  Yeah could be if no one lived there, if you were a maniac slave to your home and didn't let your children breathe in a room.  I'm kind of over that know, but still have the residue from a time long gone.  Sorry about the tangent, that's for another day and post!!
In the basket are drawing books and math games.  To the right of that are Nature's Friends magazines, Birds and Blooms and a series of workbooks about the United States.  Plus a small series of children's encyclopedias. 
On the bottom shelf:

Extra Science books and math manipulatives......they actually do get used!!
Well that covers "Their Space", a bit of psychology on what is real versus not and a pinch of my journey to living out the "less is more" philosophy.
Join me again for the rest of the tour!!  We'll be covering the library (a.k.a. Ikea bookcase)  and the media center. 
<3 God Bless




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  1. I love the updated set up! It looks super efficient and very cute, I might add!!