Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I was just 'inspired'. I know, I know, if you talk to my mom being 'inspired' it's nowhere out of the ordinary. But I'm not one much for inspiration. I'd rather stick with just doing it.

I don't read many blogs. I have a few that I read, a few that my friends write, but not tons. Maybe five. I was surfing the internet (when I should be working on school stuff) and I decided to look through my moms blog list. I came upon this gorgeous picture and had to read whatever was attached to it.

Go ahead, go read the post. Exactly 1 week and 3 days away from going to Honduras and I have to say, this was the little push I needed. I couldn't tell you the bloggers name, I could only tell you that I think she's the one who has really cute parties. I have no idea. This is my mom's thing. But today this was what I needed and today it was given to me.

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  1. That would be Shannan at www.flowerpatchfarmgirl.blogspot.com!! She's awesome and real and has been facing some tough God stuff!! A true inspiration!!! Sasha at www.lemonademakinmomma.com is the one with the cute parties!! Not that Shannan can't throw a party to boot - I'm sure she can, she's that awesome!! Sasha has been dealing with some tough God stuff too, they are both awesome ladies!!