Saturday, May 12, 2012

A special Saturday Post

Hey Friends!!!!  I'm super excited about today's post!  No, we don't usually post on the weekend but this weekend is different and somewhat appropriate, as tomorrow is Mother's Day!! 

MOPS International, Inc. (Mothers of Preschoolers) invited me to participate in their Mom Blogger Book Tour featuring Tracey Bianchi's new book,  "Mom Connection: Creating Vibrant Relationships in the Midst of Motherhood". 

A quick backstory about my involvement with MOPS and then we'll get to the book!!  Back in the year 1990-something, my mother gave me the book "What Every Mom Needs" by Elisa Morgan.  At that time I had one child and had never heard of MOPS before.  I read and devoured that book and wished that I had a MOPS group to attend.  A few years further down the road and another child later, I had caught word of a MOPS group starting in my hometown!!!  I was super excited, my second child, my daughter, Jessica was around 2 years old when I went to my first MOPS meeing.  Scared and not knowing what to expect and having only that book as a reference, I went and I was not disappointed!!! 

 Jessica is quickly on her way to 16 years old and I have held the positions of Craft Lady and Coordinator, and now am a Mentor for a group that was birthed from my original group.  The children that I brought up in the Moppets program now serve and offer their hearts to other children and mothers as they are now a part of the Moppets team.  Jessica started her own Mommy's Helper business through MOPS, at the age of 8 or 9 and has forged many wonderful relationships with these mothers and their children over the years.  It is an honor and priviledge to be a part of such a wonderful organization, a fabulous group of women and now to offer my opinion and insights into this new MOPS book!!

Since I am a higly visual person I'm going to start with the front cover...scroll back up and take a look.....that dessert looks scrumptous and I'd like the recipe please Tracey!!!!  Two forks, two pieces of dessert, two coffee cups and those cute red and white checked napkins - LOVE!!!!  This screams friendship, togetherness, fellowship and yum, I mean fun!!!  We are not meant to do this alone friends!!!

Each section and chapter is chock full of wonderful and amazing truths. Tracey, I think, has peeked into the recesses of my heart and mind and borrowed my thoughts!!  This book is honestly, everything that I've ever said to another mom or thought I should have said after I had walked away!! If I could sit down long enough and gather my thoughts on all of these mom topics, our words would be very similar.  So all that to say, I felt like I was reading my own heart here!

Reading this book is much like having a conversation with a friend.  Tracey instantly pulls you into herself in the first section and chapter "Hula Hoops".  She draws you back to your childhood and helps you connect with that little girl that may have lived so long ago.  She pairs up the desires of that young girl and the young mother and weaves such a beautiful story bringing the two together as one.  The insecurities and wants that we had as young girls are the same insecurities and wants that we have as young ladies, new mommies, seasoned mothers.  Some things never change but the way that we can go about healing those insecurities and fulfilling those desires do. 

Tracey beautifully weaves the love of Jesus throughout this entire book and really brings it home in the last chapter.  In chapter 12 she talks about community and faith and how that is where we catch a glimpse of God.  "Motherhood is like this at the deepest level-a divine dance with God, with your family.  A chance to shift and bend, to merge and to twirl with the artist who crafted your soul so that you in turn can dance with others."  She provides wonderful tools at the end of each chapter to help you navigate through this journey of self-exploration and motherhood and also provides lists of wonderful resources to help further the process.  I may need another bookcase!!!!

I read this book with pen in hand because quite a few things jumped out at me and I want to hold onto them and then find them again easily.  I would highly reccomend this book to mothers and women of all ages and stages of life.  Tracey opens our eyes to the real needs of women everywhere, locally and globally and at the same time reveals the personal needs that you as a reader has.  If you follow her suggestions, take the time to read and pray, to journal and go do, I have no doubt that you will discover the restorative power of our Lord and Savior,thus changing the face of your family and heart in the process.  

Tracey uses humor and real emotion to captivate the reader from the first word to the last.  If you have ever found yourself questioning your worth as a mother- this book is for you!  If you've ever felt like motherhood is the lonliest job on the plantet- this book is for you!  If you've ever felt like you should be doing more or doing less-this book is for you!!!  I think that you could read and re-read this book several times over the course of your adult life.  It takes you through the beginning stages of motherhood, stops off at the importance of your own family rhythm and then leads you to a life of giving yourself and family away to be a blessing to others.  No matter what stage you find yourself in; infants, toddlers, adolescents or even adult children, there is something in this book for you!!

I am ready to re-read this book again and again, although I am torn with wanting to give it away as well!!  What to do, what to do??? Oh wait a minute!!!!  She gave me two copies, I can keep one copy and give one away!!!  Our first give-a-way friends!!!!  How exciting is THAT?????

Alrighty, so if you feel like this could be the book for you, leave a comment sharing your best "You might be a "MOP" if........" story.  We will announce a winner at the end of next week, let's say on Friday, May 18th!!!!

Happy Mother's day friends <3 May you feel your full worth and value in and through the blessings that He has given you!!!! And if you are a Mother of Preschoolers and would love a MOPS group community to share in, go to www.mops.org to find a local group!!!  You won't be disappointed!!
 Love to you all!!!


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  1. I am so grateful that you and Rachael birthed our MOPS group, that you serve as our super wise mentor, and that your kiddos (and previously your parents) take such good care of Levi in the nursery. Thank you!