Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Be Still

Just a little reminder.....

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  1. a simple post but a profound truth and reminder. How many plates are you spinning friends? Are you trying to live up to some false sense of what someone else says you should be. Are you running and running and running and are still getting absolutely nowhere. Are you tired, exhausted, on the brink of giving up? He says Come to me all you who are weary and heavy labored and I will give you rest. STOP, do you hear the breath that is raging through your lungs, do you feel the pounding of the heart, that's life and that means purpose. God says that in everything we are to come to Him, to lay ourselves down and let Him do His job. You don't have to carry this burden, lay it down, rest in Him and know that He is God.....thank you Jessica for this beautiful message <3 I pray that you, in the midst of all that you are doing (by God's lead and grace), can stop and refocus on Him <3 Love you girl, my precious gift <3