Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Let it Go!!

Last week I had one thing hit home over and over again....


 Enjoy this song from Tenth Avenue North

I went rolling through my to-do list pretty well last week, I had the Tea Party looming in the distance and had to coordinate my daily responsibilities with this large Saturday event.  Things were going smoothly, until Wednesday.  I recieved a call that altered the course of my day at an hour that I couldn't really afford to have things mixed up.  .


Jump that hurdle, move on.  Thursday, fine. I was able to maneuver through my to-do list with the exception of the phone call updates on my son's progress (the situation that occurred the day before) of going to the DMV and working out the problem.....he had to run around quite a bit before it was all said and done.


Friday, fine.  Moving through my list, checking things off, tea party is right before me.  There were still things on my tea party list to be accomplished and I spent the morning ironing the linens for the tables.  I had a break mid afternoon, jumped in the shower and talked to my mom briefly.  While we were talking, she recieved a call on her cell phone that my dad may have had another heart attack and was being taken to the hospital!  She's freaking out and I, of course, drop everything and go.  Yes, there are still things on my to-do list, but what else am I gonna do.  I dried my hair, threw on some decent clothes and headed out.  An hour later we arrive at the hospital and Thank God that it was not a heart attack and about 4 hours later he's discharged. 

I had left my house at 2:30, I returned home at 8:15.......the family is finishing up from dinner and the house is full of activity.  Now my mind is focused on the remaining items on the to-do list. It's late and I'm tired.   These things were not crucial to the party but they were things that I really, really wanted to to do.  I attempted to move forward but there was no grace there.  I knew that I had to let these last few items go.  LET THEM GO!!!  I was frustrated and angry.  I could feel myself getting snappy with my husband and children and I knew that was not a path that I wanted to go down.

We got the kids settled into bed and I just had to sit down and decompress.  What a week!!!!  How in the world do these things happen, out of the blue, when you are least expecting it??


Jesus tells us in 1 Peter 5:7 to "Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you."  All my anxiety?  Everything??  The phone call from my son?  YES  The scare with my father?  YES This.....tea party???  YES!!!  I'm sure you could add quite a few questions to that list and the answer will still be YES!!!  LET IT GO!!!!  Cast ALL of those things that chew up your stomach, that plague your mind and keep you up at night, throw them down and walk away.

One thing remains true and worthy of standing on no matter the storm that rages around you. God IS Good and if He is good, then there must be something good in that storm, even if the only good you see is Him, He's more than enough.  Stand right there under His wing <3

It's Wednesday now.  There's a thunderstorm rolling around outside, nothing major has really been thrown at me.  Well besides calling a driving school yesterday for information for my 15 year old - Jessica!  Oh and we have a 10:00 apppointment at the community college to speak with an advisor about the courses she needs to take!!!  And you know this whole Honduras thing, that's out there!!!  These are all amazing and good things, but I admit, my stomach is rolling a little and I have to LET IT GO! 

I am choosing to rest in Him, He is able to do far more than I can ever ask, dream or imagine.  So why do I need to worry?  He's got it under control!  I am just going to roll with the punches, duck them when I can and absorb the ones I can't and let Him handle it all!!

What things do you need to LET GO?  Start today, type them in the comment box and take the first step in letting them go!!  I will stand in prayer with you and together we'll keep moving on!!

<3 Lorraine

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