Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday Favorite Five #13...on Saturday


Happy Friday!!  Wait!! I mean Saturday, Happy Saturday!!!  A day late and a dollar short!!!  Our apologies for not getting this to you yesterday!!  Last night was our "big" (not so much) Disney Senior Trip planning meeting, so the day was spent preparing for that.  Which honestly is no excuse, so please, forgive us for our neglect!!! It's a gorgeous Saturday morning, the windows are open, the laundry is tumbling and my to-do list is long!!  So here goes....our favorites of the week!!!

1. Craft(s)

So originally, I had wanted gumballs to fill the jar with but we couldn't find them, so I opted for Rice Krispies.  The Mickey heads were made out of styrofoam balls of different sizes, spray painted black and stuck on a stick.  Easy, no mess, no skill!! 

2.  Music  Food 

(okay, fine, we really should have some music for your listening pleasure)

I know, it's not the typical Five - stick with me!!
Mickey Mouse Rice Krispie Treats, nuff said!!

3. Blog/Other More Food

Chocolate Dream CupCakes with Buttercream Icing....recipe courtesy of my Mother-in-Law; Dottie (so good)

So we tied the cupcakes into everything else through the stars...did you notice the ribbon on the jar above?  They are carried throughout! 

4. Scripture Notes

We found this paper on clearance at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago for $1.00!!!  Perfect!!  At the time, we weren't sure what we were going to use it for, but we knew we'd find something!!  The Agenda!!

5. Quote Mickey & Minnie,
I mean Bill & Lorraine

Yes, we dressed in black & red in honor of Mickey & Minnie - we ARE that Goofy!!!!(Hardy Har Har) What is life if you can't have some fun!!!  We are truly blessed by the group of girls and their parents.  They really are some of the best kids that I know and God is so good to have provided my daughter with these friends!  We are so thankful that their parents are allowing them to join us on this crazy idea of a "Homeschool Senior Class Trip/Junior Year" and we are really looking forward to spending a week with them all!! 

Thanks again for joining us - do you know how much we appreciate you?  Lots!!!!  Have a blessed Saturday!!!!!

<3Lorraine & Jessica

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