Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Some say weekends aren't for posting, they're for wandering, dreaming, living, etc.  But everyonce in a while a weekend may hold something worth posting.  This is that weekend <3  I wanted to just say a special thank you and Happy Mother's Day to some important people in my life!!  We're going to work backwards if that's okay for you!

The first is my husband Bill, and my amazing children; Jessica, Joseph, Jaysen and Julia
These are the people that I spend my days and nights with, they shape and mold me and are ever challenging me to become better in everything that I do.  I can't imagine spending my days with anyone else <3

Next, is the one that kick started this whole motherhood thing for me; my son, Jonathan
Almost 21 years ago he blessed me with my first ever Mother's Day!!!  He made being a mom so wonderful that I decided to do it again...and again, and again and......again <3 lol

Next is my mom.  Well I wouldn't be here if it weren't for her, which really goes without saying.

She has always been my closest friend, my confidant, my cheerleader.  And as you can clearly see, she taught me everything I know about fashion......She rocked the Farrah Fawcett like nobodys' business!!!

She's endured alot of heartache and worry, always carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders and she usually didn't complain : )  Hey we all have our moments of meltdown!!  She almost sacrificed her very life to bring me into this world and she hasn't stopped sacrificing for me yet!  I don't tell her nearly enough how much she means to me.  I don't go a day without thinking about her.  She is still the first person that I want to call when I'm in a panic, although I've been learning to 1. lean on God and 2. lean on my husband.  But she still holds the #1 spot in thought.  My family and I wouldn't be who we are if it weren't for her love, support and encouragement!  We all love you very much mom <3

Last, but not at all least, is my Grandmom.  This is our first Mother's Day without her and I know her four daughters are going to have a rough day today.  Prayerfully they will feel love, peace and calm as they gather at my home to celebrate <3

When my mom had to stay in the hospital after having me, I went home with my Grandmom.  While my mom had to work, I spent my days with my Grandmom.  She and my Grandpop called me their Sunshine.  I have fond memories of her and I playing blocks in the living room, rolling a ball back and forth on the kitchen floor and watching "The Young and the Restless" together.  We always had Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes and Lima Beans for dinner.  She was always a huge part of my life, every aspect of it and it was hard to say goodbye in January.  I'm looking forward to seeing her again in Heaven.

Well, I'm sure that you have a basketful of important people that you'd like to honor today as well.  Please feel free to leave a message in the comment box and tell me about them <3  Have a blessed Mother's Day Friends <3

God Bless * Lorraine

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