Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Favorite Five #12

Happy Friday!!!! I cannot believe that it's Friday already!!  Where does the time go??

  Well it wouldn't be Friday without our top five favorites of the week!!!

1. Craft(s)

This one I actually thought of earlier today and just went for it!  It's a bit rough due to the fact that I didn't take my time because I just wanted to see if it would work.  So I promise you, one day next week, I will do it again and provide step by step detais.  For now, just know that this desktop filing box is made from a cereal box!!!  I cut it up and covered it with some fine scrapbook paper!  It's so easy!!!!

2. Music

I love this song!!!!   God uses the battered ashes of our lives and makes beautiful creations out of them.  God was and is the Ultimate Crafter!!!  Who knew!!!!  Seriously though, whatever you're holding onto, whatever decision you've made that you think is too bad or ugly for anyone, let alone God, to see, you can trust Him with it.  He will make beautiful things out of those dark places.

3. Blog/Other
So I've mentioned the Women's Retreat that I was at last weekend in a few other posts this week.  The number 3 spot is going to the lovely lady who graced us with her humor and beautiful voice as she led us in laughter and worship!! 

Sue Duffield!!! Please take some time to check out her website, www.sueduffield.com,  it's full of information, schedules, links, etc. She is a wonderful lover of Jesus <3

4. Scripture
thanks Pinterest

So story on this scripture:  Yesterday I (Lorraine) was hit with a typhoon of emotions all at once and my reaction wasn't one that reflected this verse at all!!  Today I found an email regarding this verse...boy was I regretful of my choices and repentent that I did not just turn those things over to the only One that can do anything about them in the first place.  In big and small, we can give, to Him, them all!!!!!
5. Quote

(found via Pinterest @ http://imgfave.com)

I LOVE this!!!!!  It is the absolute truth!!!  If we look for joy and blessings, we will see joy and blessings, if we look for pain and curses, we will find.....yep you know it!  Look for God in everything...even the hard and ugly places!!!!  Trust me if you look for Him, you will find Him <3  A friend once told me that you if you can't see Him, maybe you need to clean your windows!!!!  Let that one sink in!!!

Friends, thank you so much for joining us here week after week!!  We pray that we can bring a blessing to your soul, a smile to your face, and light to your path as we shine Our Light towards Jesus!!!


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