Monday, April 2, 2012


So it's Monday
and I've got nothing to say;
nada, zero, zip

Am I uninspired?
Am I not trying hard enough?
Am I not living slowly enough to let life sink deep?

It's Holy Week,
there should be plenty to say about that.
But the truth is, I find it hard to live among
the spiritual truths that this week offers.

Don't get me wrong,
I have the best intentions
and if you ask me for ideas of
how you can get the most out of this
week, I'll give you sound advice.

But the busyness of life
always wins out, calling ever so
gently until it reaches a scream;
stealing my attention, my life.

Yet He is there, amidst the busyness,
the screaming, the flatline that is my life.
All this running and doing and it represents

Dirty dishes, laundry, kids calling
my name endlessly, financial decisions,
homeschooling, Easter dinner, this need and that
all amount to nothing if He is not my central

Maybe I should slow down to barely a crawl
lower my voice to barely a whisper, what would
truly change?  There'd still be dishes and laundry,
school and work, money, bills, etc.

But maybe, just maybe I'd be able to hear His
sweet, soft voice, calling me ever so gently.

I have entered your heart and you applaud me;
things have not gone your way and you've departed me.
I carried the cross, the burdens I bore,
so that I could call you mine
and you could call me yours.
No matter where your road leads you, the story
remains the same.  I hung on the cross, so that you wouldn't have to.

He invites us, this week; every day, to come to the cross, to lay down the burdens that this life always offers us, those we struggle so hard to let go of, and to simply just rest there.  Rest in the fact that He carries our burdens, He fought the battle, the victory is His.  All of this crazy running around, busyness that represents our lives is futile.  It won't add one day to our year, it won't grant one grain of peace.  No mercy lies in the hands of the enemy that deceives us.  You can simply stop and be still.

Take in the events of this week, let them penetrate you deep.  Allow it to change your life, forever.