Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mid-week Marvels

Hey friends, we're halfway there!!  To the weekend that is.  I don't usually countdown through my week to the weekend but this weekend I have something really big going on and I'm kinda worked up in a nervous and excited way!  Some of you already know what that is, but what about the rest of you?  Wanna know??

Okay, here it is........a tea party!!!!  But not just any tea party - this is a really special one!  Our youth group just completed a 10 week study on Purity!!!!  We had over 20 guys and 20 girls come out for 10 weeks straight to learn how to pursue a life of purity (they met in seperate locations and the boys used a different book)!!!  What a blessing it was!!!!  We used the book by Dannah Gresh called "and the Bride Wore White".  It was really amazing!!  So, as a way to officially end the book study we are treating the girls and their mothers to a really special tea party!

You may not know this about me, but I LOVE TO PLAN PARTIES!!!  I don't do it often enough, but when I get the chance I have trouble controlling my ideas, they start our very grand and then over time they water down to fairly grand but do-able!!!  I'm semi-freaking out as the week hits mid-point because we don't have a headcount, I'm hoping that we have enough food planned, will the decorations work out, will it all gel together??  I could make myself insane worrying about all of this.  But there's a still small voice whispering in my ear, telling me that it will all be fine, amazing, perfect, etc.  I don't need to worry, I need to rest!  Rest in His ever-loving arms and do this all for His glory, not mine. 

So here are some of the mid-week marvels....I probably shouldn't share them before the party, but we'll call it a sneak peek!!!!  I'm so excited!!!! 

First up are these:

I made these with items from the Dollar Store!!!!!  So super easy!!! When I came across these trays the other day I fell in love with them!!!  I didn't buy them on the spot though.  I wasn't sure they would work with my overall scheme!!  But I worked it out in my head and realized we couldn't go  on with out them and had to go back for them!!  I know, I'm being somewhat dramatic here, but if you've ever planned a party, you certainly understand <3 

They really are as easy as 




Next up are these little cuties, they may or may not be filled with wonderful treats!!! hee hee hee

And then, these, which are, I think, my favorite!!!!

I have to thank Pinterest for all of their amazing inspiration!!!!   There are so many other elements to this tea party that are going to be spectacular- I cannot wait until Saturday and until I can share it all with you!!!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, I hope that, maybe you found some inspiration for your next event or even for your day to day life.  Wouldn't life be sweeter if everything we did had a little element of doilies and paper flowers?

Have a blessed day and rest of the week!!!  Tune in tomorrow for Jessica's I <3 you post and then Friday for our Favorite Five!!!!!!  I'll apologize now for things that you may see that are repeats : )  I am loving the stuff that I'm working on this week and they just may end up back here again on Friday!!!

And a special thank you to all of you who are helping to support Jessica on her quest for Compassion-Honduras.  Our house is smelling like a sweet, sweet bakery and due to your efforts of sharing and posting, it will continue to smell this way for weeks to come!!  God bless you all!!!

With love, tissue paper, cookies and affection <3 Lorraine


  1. I'm so jealous of your tea party. :) I have no doubt that it will be amazing.

    btw, Levi would like to know why the chair (in your banner photo) is outside and if you are going to leave it out there. ;p

  2. Thank you Jill <3 and Levi, good question!!!! I thought it would be fun to take a picture of that chair outside, what do you think? Is it a good shot? I had Bill carry it back into the house for me when I was done with it! Thanks for the comment and question <3