Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to bring scripture into your life (Decorating edition)

Do you ever go through your week and feel like what's the point? What's the point of school? What's the point of drama? What's the point of engaging in relationships with friends? Everything seems pointless, you can't envision your future, and you feel like the routine is losing it's excitement. Something I've found to help out with that is to constantly confront yourself with scripture, quotes, or images that bring you joy. That's what we're going to talk about today; how do we bring scripture into every aspect of our life and give ourselves the reminder that there is a point, there is a saviour, and he most definitely has given you a future. I'm going to outline and talk about a couple of different methods for doing this. I've even brought in the help of a couple of different friends to help out and contribute their methods.

1) First thing you see:

Right next to my bed I have a space where I tape things in a "collage" format, as you can see above. I have everything from a wipe-off board with constantly changing scripture, to a picture frame with a quote, to a random picture of a camera! These are things that make me visually happy. I have post-it notes with some of my favorite scriptures on them, as well. I really like that I'm able to express myself creatively as well as give me something that I see first thing in the morning that is a positive message.

This is another shot of my wall. The big thing is a exerpt from a book I was reading. It talks about our, as women, value in God.

2) Binder
Another friend of mine, instead of a wall, puts different inspiration on a binder. If you're in school 8 hours a day (hahaha public schoolers!!) this might be a better option. Even if you put stuff in your locker, anywhere that you are around constantly. In the midst of a school day it is very easy to forget our purpose and source of joy, putting some of your favorite verses on a binder is a very easy way to remind yourself to have a positive outlook on life!

3) Family & Friends
This wall is different from the prior two. My friend has pictures of friends, band stickers, bible verses, and drawings hanging on the wall. This type of wall can help to remind you of good memories and/or be more of a creative outlet. Depending on your preferences, this could appeal to you more. You might like the clean look of the first picture, the simplicity of the second, or the general unity of this one. Which brings us to number four.

4) Hall Way/Spread Out
Another friend of mine, who is in college, decorates her dorm hall way with picture frames. This option is a little bit more clean cut and long-term. This option probably takes a little bit more time as you have to frame the pictures. Although, I do like how "professional" it looks. With this option you can spread everything out and it is more on the side of decorating your room.

So, leave a comment telling which one of these options is your favorite, if you have your own spin on this concept, and if so, what does it look like? I would love to hear from you guys either through Facebook, Email, or comments! Visit our new Contact Us page to find out all of the different ways you can contact us! Also, thanks to everyone who contributed: Jess D, Erika L, and Hannah M!

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  1. great job girls!!! I love how differently each of you express yourselves and how you display your sources of encouragement!! Thanks for some great ideas!!!