Monday, April 30, 2012

NOT another Manic Monday

I am finding myself really anticipating my Monday!  So strange!  Especially after the past few Mondays.....you can read about them here and here if you dare....put your Wellies on, we got a little deep!!

So my children just woke up and they haven't presented me with a parenting delemma to blog about yet and hopefully there isn't one in the near future.  Ther are a few things that I want to share, and as much as I'd like to combine them, I think I'll just stick with one.  Are you ready for pictures??  Hope so!

Saturday, April 28th we celebrated the end of our Purity Study with our youth group girls!!  It was a really sweet way to end the journey, which really isn't the end, but just the beginning.  We had a "PuriTEA" (thanks to my friend Angie for that name)

Who can have a tea party without beautiful tea cups?

We challenged the girls to ask themselves this question:  Do you present yourself like a precious tea cup, a common ceramic mug or a value-less styrofoam cup?  Who wouldn't want to be a tea cup - they're gorgeous, delicate, valuable and treasured <3

We did the best we could to transform this meeting room.  I'd say we did a spectacular job!!  The challenge:  to allow God to transform us and our path from what the world says we are and should do to the perfect plans that God has set out for us.

I feared that we wouldn't have enough food.  Did I need to fear?  The challenge:  to not fear what the Lord has for us, even though it may require hard lines to be drawn and hard decisions to be made....He always prepares more than enough for us, if we wait <3

Who doesn't love beautiful, sweet smelling flowers?  I was so thrilled that I had some flowers available in my own garden in addition to the ones that I purchased.  God not only gives us what we need, He goes above and beyond.  He wants to spoil us in His love, giving more than we can ever hope, dream or imagine <3

Oh the gifts, not just for one, but for all!!!  The challenge: let go of the fake gifts (pearls) and receive the True Gift, the one with the greatest price <3 God is so good, He loves us tenderly and yet He loves fiercely...fiercely enough to send His Son to die on the cross for us.  He doesn't want to hit us with all of these rules and regulations.  He Gives Good Gifts to those who call His Name and Wait for His plans to unfold before them. 

From top left to right
Kelli, Emily, Me, Tanya Martie
Bottom row
Angie and Briana
Missing: Erika

Living a life of purity is not just about remaining sexually pure until marriage. (although that was a very strong point that ran through the study)  It is something that needs to encompass our entire life.  The lesson isn't just for teenagers, it's for all of us, from the youngest of young to the oldest of old.  Purity in thought, speech and deed.  When Christ is our filter, everything comes out Pure.  What areas could you use a pure cleansing in?  Do you harbor ill thoughts towards certain situations or people?  Do you have a "dirty mouth"?  What words roll across your lips, are they words that curse or bless?  Do you take the things that God intends to be perfect and pure and muddy them up with ideals that world offers?  All of these things and more can be given over to Him, He will cleanse you from the inside out.  Don't wait any longer.....run to Him and recieve the gifts that He has prepared for you <3


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  1. I wanted to add that if you're ready for that cleansing, head to Psalm 51...right in the middle in the bible <3 Make it the prayer of your heart <3