Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday's Favorite Five #8

Happy Friday!!!! 

1. Craft(s)

It's a two for one today!!!!  I just came across these adorable and super easy ideas!!!  Who doesn't have crepe paper laying in the attic somewhere......back in the day they were a staple to every birthday party!!  Let's help bring em back in a much more stylish way!!!  Go here and here for detailed instructions!!

2. Music

Table for Two is a song written by Derek Webb that was inspired by a conversation he had with his friend at a diner. They were both pretty frustrated about being single and just not knowing if they'll ever meet the right person. This song talks about struggling with singleness, but in the big picture, it's really about relinquishing our will and trusting in His.
3. Blog/Other
I came across this blog the other day as I was searching for blogs that were geared toward teenage girls. (No not for me, obviously!!!  For the girls in my youth group, as another place to gain encouragement and truth.)  The blog isn't geared for that age group, but this specific post was and I loved it!!!
4. Scripture

When He looks at your heart, what does He see?  What a reminder to keep our hearts pure and set on Him!!

5. Quote

Okay, so it's a quote based on scripture :)  Double bonus!!!! 

Thanks so much for joining us and checking out our favorites for the week!  And a special thanks to our dear friend, Angie from The Lentil Project for her contributions to today's post (song and scripture)!!

~Lorraine, Jessica and Angie


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Lorraine. This slacker is determined to pump out some blogs tomorrow (that are a week late). Thank you for always encouraging me in all things. You always see the good in me even when I am determined not to. I hope to always be as good a friend to you and Jess as you've been to me. I love you both

  2. Thanks Ang for your comment! You're such a great friend and I know that we would both agree! We love you!!