Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's clearly NOT friday!!

So, we missed Fridays Top Five.....didn't give you anything fun for your weekend, we didn't even sing praise and hallelujah with  you on Monday (well we did, we just didn't share it here)!!  Friends, our weekend was b.u.s.y.!!

Friday morning we joined about a hundred other women for a Good Friday Women's Breakfast!!  It was delightful.  The breakfast was delicious, the company was superb, the speaker(s) were fabulous and it was a wonderful way to celebrate all that Jesus did for us on that day.  Following breakfast we (Jessica and I) went back to my mother's for much needed haircuts (and color, ahem).  It was a long afternoon and as we headed home, with dinner in hand, a part of my exhaust system fell off the car and was dragging on the road!!!!  I couldn't get ahold of my hubby right away, so daddy to the rescue!! 

Saturday was full of busyness as we prepared our hearts and home for the hosting of around 30 people on Sunday for Easter Dinner.  I love that when we host holidays, the entire family takes part in the work!!  I had my boys working on a plastic egg garland project (saw it on-line, don't remember where) but here's a few shots of ours:

We cleaned and decorated, played and baked.  Fun was had by all!!  The girls were in charge of "cutting the cheese" (you're giggling, I know -we do it everytime)!!  With each new type of cheese, they'd have a taste test first - it was sweet.  I was wishing that I lived with a camera around my neck, because I missed capturing so many sweet moments with my kids that day.

Sunday morning started bright and early for Jessica and I.  We were a part of our church choir and were due at the church by 7:30.  We sang along with about 20-25 other people from our congregation, but it sounded like so many more.  God's annointing was truly upon  us that morning.  What a blessing to help deliver such a glorious message and praise!!!  He's Alive, Alive, Alive, Hallelujah!!!!  We were there from 7:30, stayed and sang through three services and were back home around 1:00 or slightly after to jump into the pre-dinner rush!!  Our guests were due to arrive at 3:00.  While we were at church, my wonderful hubby set up two additional tables and even ironed the linens to put on them!! Impressive, I know <3

We set the tables, plated the appetizers, made eveything picture perfect and waited!!

We had some extended family members join us and that is always a treat.  The bonds of a family, direct blood related or not, always overwhelms me (in such a beautiful way).  We love to open our home to everyone, but especially family.  Now, most of the family I see regularly, I am blessed to live in the same county as most of them.  But it's still a treat to open the door and gather around the tables and just eat and talk and laugh.  I don't even have to be a part of any conversation, I just like looking and listening and seeing the love of family in my home.  For us, it's a way to give back, it's also a chance to truly be the hands and feet of Jesus and we strive to serve our family in the most beautiful way that we can.

I pray that you had a blessed Easter weekend!  How awesome that we can move forward from Sunday and say He's Alive Hallelujah!!!!!  May you feel the love and the presence and the strength of our Lord and Savior in your hearts and lives each and every day!

God Bless <3 Lorraine


  1. You and your family are such a blessing to us. As soon as we step into your home we experience joy and peace, and I am so thankful for that! What a wonderful Easter celebration and as usual, the words you spoke before dinner were beautiful and perfect, I hung on every word you said and didn't want you to stop, even though the food in front of us was mouth watering!

  2. Thank you for your kind words.....can't figure out who you are :) hahaha