Monday, October 15, 2012

Ooops, I did it again!!!!

I have a confession to make.  I changed around some rooms last week.....specifically the school room (gasp!!).  I know, I know, I was smack dab in the middle of a tour of that space but I just couldn't help myself!!  The force was too great and I could not ignore it any longer.  I'm sorry....well, actually, I'm not!!  I couldn't be happier with the change!  
So here ya have it.....our new school space!!!!

This is one of our smaller bedrooms.  It was most recently the boys room.  It's a tiny space and they were squished in here, which was crazy to me.

The huge desk fits in here perfectly, and it's big enough for all three or four of us to work there at the same time! I was even able to tuck a little desk into the closet, just in case we need some extra work space. 
I love the bright cheery yellow on the walls and that certainly helps to make up the fact that there is only one window in this room.  The boys already had a bulletin board up, so I was able to just transfer my things over.  I grabbed the bookcase from Joe's closet and it works perfectly there just inside the door.
I've been tossing around the thought of doing this for a long time. I thought it was silly for the boys to have such a small bedroom and for me to have such a large school room.  It just didn't make sense to me.  So I changed it!
The second small bedroom, which was supposed to be Jaysen's room but ended up just a space for stuff, is now our "library/media room"  
I love the warm brown colors in here.  The turquoise curtains go beautifully and the little chippy dresser actually has some pretty turquoise spots showing through.  This used to be Joe's dresser, now it houses movies, math manipulatives, markers and scrap paper.  Our kitty, Nelson, loves that little padded stool.....he sleeps there, alot!!

The closet holds science kits, binders and other supplemental supplies.

Our cubes or "library" fits perfectly too!  I love the open floor space, perfect for piling lots of pillows and blankets for movies or reading.  I still have a little bit or work to do decorating the spaces but that may or may not happen.  As for now, I'm done.  It's time to enjoy the space and see how it all feels.
So for those of you who are shaking your heads at me, I know!!  I am crazy but I can't help it....I really don't want to help it.  I absolutely ADORE creating new spaces!!  I love to take multiple spaces and re-create the same use over and over, each space offering something new and different.  A friend said that God was not going to give me a mansion in Heaven, but one small room!  I told him that that would not be Heaven, but Hell instead!!  He has created me to be creative and I doubt that He will stifle that in Heaven!!!  So there :P  take that "friend" ha ha!!
All kidding aside, I struggle with feeling ridiculous that I "need" to change things so much and loving it, knowing that this is how He's created me!  I am pretty sure that I am done moving rooms and furniture around....my body isn't as young as it used to be and it sure takes a toll!  But I make no promises :)
<3 Lorraine

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  1. I can't picture which room this is... Love it! Love the colors, I need to paint our school room, it's so white... Love and Miss you!