Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Lorax

A few nights ago I was babysitting the kids and we were trying the find a movie to watch, when we came upon The Lorax. We hadn't seen the movie before and decided to try it out. I loved it!! It was awesome. In fact, I felt like I got a whole lot out of the movie. It had a really good message!

If you haven't seen the movie... take a look
I wanted to share some quick thoughts and quotes from the movie that have stuck with me. The movie is set in a futuristic world. One with no real plants or trees, lots of electronics, and much more. However, one boy wishes to find and plant a real tree to win over the love of his life, Audrey. So a lot of the movie has to do with how the world/city got where it is.
When the Once-ler is cutting down trees to make his new product, The Lorax, a creature that was put in charge of protecting the forest, says this to him, "A tree falls the way it leans. Be careful which way you lean." I felt like this quote held a lot of meaning. When we put our trust in something, and we rely on that thing, we'll eventually fall on it. If we put our trust in clothing, when we are met with turmoil and other things of the sort, we'll fall back on it. But will it save us? No! We need to put our trust in, and we need to lean on, the one that will save us.
Like many of you know, I've been reading LiveLifeOnPurpose by Claude Hickman. A lot of it has to do with becoming who God wants you to be and aligning your life with God's plans. So these next to quotes really have stuck with me as it is closely related to what I've been reading.
"It's not about what is is,
it's about what it can become."
When we look ahead, not to what we'll most likely become, but to what we can become, that's what really matters and can make a difference. I've faced so much trouble with getting in to college, everything from not having a photo ID and not being allowed to take the entry test because of it to having my birth date entered into the computer as February 2, 9000. But, I've also been given a lot of help as well, I've received a scholarship for the past two semesters that covered the majority of the cost and I've received grant money for my books. But despite any troubles that came, I looked to who I could be in Christ Jesus. And that was all of the motivation I needed to continue pushing ahead.
"Only if someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better... it's not."
When you become aware of some of Earth's most troubling thoughts, you probably feel overwhelmed. When looking at the results of prostitution in developing countries, child labor, lack of food, water, etc. It's easy to feel like you can't make a difference. But let me tell you, you can. Nobody can make a difference unless they care. This may sound like a plug, but it isn't, one of the ways that you can care and make a difference is through Compassion International or any other child sponsorship program. It can help prevent all of the worries that come with living in a developing country.
So whether you get anything out of this random post or not, I hope you can take one of these quotes and think on it.  

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