Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Live Life on Purpose: Book Review

"There are 600 churches and 460,000 Christians for every one unreached people."

What is our excuse?

I promised you guys a while ago that I would write a little book review on this book, this book that took me many months to finish. It's not long at all, it's just so full of information that I could only take in a little bit at a time!

The back of the book reads: "Your life only make sense in the context of God's plan to finish the Great Commission. God has given us the direction we need to make our lives count and leave our mark on eternity. When we find it, we move from merely existing to truly living life on purpose."

I love Amazon's summary of it as well: "The aim of God’s entire biblical story has one mission, reaching all the nations, and one method, all believers. Finding your life purpose only makes sense in the context of God's plan to reach the world. Discover the part you were meant to play in God’s epic plan."

If I had to summarize a review for this book in one sentence it would look like this:

If you are not willing to have your life interrupted and if you are not willing to change the course of said life, don't read this book!

Now that that is out of the way, let's continue. This book is going to change something. Whether it changes your mindset, your life goals, anything! You won't be the same. I can't recommend this book to anyone enough. People today are so self-centered and so unmotivated that it's not even funny. This book, I believe, can help change that. I don't want to put Live Life on Purpose on a pedestal and claim that it's The Bible, but I believe that it is the kick in the butt that people need.

I would love to give you a quote or two from the book, or tell you one thing that really stuck out to me, but I can't. It had too much of an impact on me to tell you my favorite part. The only thing I really know how to say is that you'll learn facts you never knew existed, be confronted with problems in the world that you didn't know of, and discover passions and interests that you didn't know you had. I have something highlighted on every page of this book and I'm sure I'll be reading it again and again.

Go ahead over to www.claudehickman.com to access resources, information about the author, and to purchase the book. Once again, I highly recommend this book if you're looking for something to be excited over again or if your life has hit a dull plateau.


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