Monday, January 7, 2013

More to Be Mentoring Mondays!!

I am super excited to be joining up with More to Be's Mentoring Training & Study!!  Oh, wait, you don't know what I'm talking about?  Of course you don't, I'm sorry, let me tell you a little about "More to Be".  Well actually, I'll let them tell you who and what they are......just go here to read about them!!

The team there is offering a six week study on the topic of mentoring....head over here to read more about the study and find out how you can participate!!

As you may know, I am a vounteer youth leader at my church.  Currently I am involved in helping to develop a Student Leadership program along with our youth leader, Emily, and fellow volunteer, Erika.  We all have been talking for a long time about the importance of mentoring and have learned that mentoring is not a program that can be put in place, rather a series of opportunities to be involved in intentional relationships with the youth that we care for.  Right now, I see the leadership program as a pretty good way to start some intentional mentoring relationships with these kids, but I would love a little more information or training on how to be the best, most effective mentor that I can be.

I am also currently a mentor for our Mothers of Preschoolers program at church and after several years of attending as a mother, serving as a Creative Activities Leader and Coordinator for several years, I am proud to have graduated out and into this mentoring role!  I'm looking forward to how this study with impact my role as a mentor to these mothers! 

To be honest, I just have a heart for loving and encouraging others through my prayers, words and actions and I see this as a very important step in ensuring that I am doing all that I can do!  If you have ladies in your life, whether young or old, that you would like to impact and mentor, please check out this opportunity!!

Every Monday for the next six weeks you will find my thoughts and insights into that weeks study topic!!  Please feel free to leave a comment here and start a conversation on the topic.  You can also find "More to Be" on facebook, here!!  Make sure to check out their blog as well, they have a ton of resources, most of which, I believe, are free downloads!

I am really looking forward to this and I hope that you might consider joining me on this awesome adventure!!

God Bless <3 Lorraine

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  1. Lorraine, so glad to have you join in this study and feel honored to have you share about it here! Thanks!