Thursday, December 20, 2012

My favorite place

I had lunch on Tuesday with three fabulous ladies!!  I haven't been with these three in wayyy too long and it was a much needed rekindling of friendships!! 
I totally was NOT going to share this picture, because I look half lit!!!  It was very hard to not crack up during the taking of this shot, so you'll have to pardon my face - lol!!! (L-R top, Shawn, Lori & Elizabeth)  yeah, I'm the crazy one in the front!!
 I don't understand why and how we've let ourselves become sooooo busy that we have no time for friends and neighbors!  I'm not kidding when I tell you that the people that I spend time with (besides my little family) are the ones that I'm "working" (a.k.a. involved in a ministry) with!  Even with that, it's only during "business hours" so to speak.
Long gone are the days of lazing on the front porch with neighbors after supper watching the kids catch fireflies.  If I could invent a machine that would take me back to a simpler time, I would, in a heart beat!  Anyway, as much as I'd like this post to be about the women that I spent my afternoon with, it's going to be more about where we spent our time.  Out of all of the homes I've ever been to, this is by far, my MOST FAVORITE one!!! 

It's a gorgeous old farmhouse that Shawn and her husband, Steven have lovingly restored.  It has a huge wrap-around porch, that I adore.  I know they get a lot of use out this space, enjoying meals and coffee out here when the weather is just right!!

Almost every time that I am there, I am snapping pictures left and right.  Her home is such an inspiration to me, its a place of warmth, peace, comfort and most of all love.  Everything that Shawn puts her hand to comes from a place of deep love and I love that about her.  She is wildly creative with everything that she does, she manages to make the biggest impact with her simple approach.
On Tuesday she prepared the most special lunch for us girls.  It was beautiful and simple.
Salad, beans, homemade vinegrette, zuchinni corn bread and tomato pepper soup!
I have a hard time keeping eye contact with Shawn when she's talking to me, because my eyes wander to all of the beautiful things she has around her home.  Here are a few areas of her home that I was able to capture!!

I mean seriously, who wouldn't want to curl up in this home and just relax and soak it all in!!!  I am so ready to pack my bags (sorry family...I'll be back eventually!!!) lol
Check out the flatware!!!!  How cool is that!!!  This soup was incredible, it all was!!

I had the best cup of pumpkin coffee out of this adorable mug!!  She said she got it Good Will!!!!  What????  I am missing out on some serious shopping!!!

And their stockings were hung.......
And here are a few of her collections.....she knows how to make even the most simple things look amazing!!!!



& Brushes!!

I could certainly fill a book with pictures that I've taken from around her farm, but I'm working on trying to get her to enter the blog world, she would have so much to offer in the way of decorating, gardening and just sharing her God story!!  So I'll stop, for now!!! 
I hope that you've enjoyed this little teaser of my favorite place!!  You can check out her sweet shop on facebook.  It's a local store, so if you're in the area, be sure to stop in and say Hello!!  Tell her Lorraine sent ya!!
<3 God bless, Lorraine



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