Friday, December 7, 2012

He makes all things new


So I didn't intend to write about this.  I remember taking this picture, but thinking that it was hard to read on Instagram, I dismissed it and went on my way, tucking the treasure deep into my heart.  I wanted to come back and do a recap of the week and share how God has provided (Yahweh Yireh) since Tuesdays battle.

I logged on and found a draft in the list of posts and thought I'd check it out....and found this picture. 

"He can take the regular, the secular, and the profane and make them holy and sacred."
When I underlined this portion of text, I had just spent time with a young man whose heart is hardened, a heart that is close to my own, and in my pain and grief, God sent me this promise....that He can take anything, all things and make it holy!  Thank you Jesus!  I am standing on this boldy as I claim this over the heart of a young man that I love (my son),  as I claim this over the regular parts of my day and life, the profane areas of my heart that I keep in hiding. 
I spent time with another young man this week, a young man who is a year older than my oldest son.  He shared his story of how God took the profane and secular places of his life, the ones that he tried for years to hide, and He redeemed those places and made them holy and sacred.  Now he is actively seeking God's will in his life and can stand and testify to God's goodness.  Stories like his give me tremendous hope for the lost, tremendous hope for my own soul.
"The Holy One can take the ordinary, the cmmon, and the simple, and then sanctify, beautify, and hallow it by his personal presence."
Oh friends, when we can open up those common and simple places in our lives, the regular, secular and profane areas, and give God full reign in those areas.......well, He can save a wretch like me and like you.  The pain, shame and suffering....give it to Him and let him heal and make you whole.  The common, regular and simple areas of your day and life.....invite Him into the places and spaces and let Him make them holy by His mere presence.  The profane, dark and ugly.....He's waiting to cleanse those areas and make them shine. 
Advent is as perfect time as any to quiet yourself before Him and allow Him to search your heart and reveal those places to you.  Let Him in and see what's He's been waiting to do <3
God bless <3 Lorraine

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  1. I love you my dear friend. I'm so thankful I have you to walk this walk along side of me. I'm grateful for your heart and your faith and your will to get things right no matter how many times you stumble. What an encouragment!! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey. <3