Friday, August 3, 2012


Today was a very task-oriented day in our household. In a few days my mom and I will be leaving to help out at a camp our church is oriented with, so we've been cleaning the house and getting some last minute things done. First thing in the morning I baked up some delicious chocolate chip cookies for a friend. While waiting for the cookies to bake and cool, I drank a delicious cup of coffee and read a super awesome book that I received and started reading yesterday.

The book is called Under the Overpass and is written by Mike Yancoski. Mike felt an impression from God to go and experience homelessness. After a lot of prayer he found a friend to go on this journey with him. Over the course of 5 months Mike and his friend, Sam, lived in 6 different American cities with nothing more than a backpack full of simple things (a sweatshirt, sleeping bag, duct tape, etc.) and the clothes on their backs.

I finished the book this morning and my final thoughts are that it's a great book that will cause you to examine your faith and you will never looked at the homeless the same. Check it out!

I've been participating in White Peach Blog's Photo a Day challenge, which you can find at her blog. You can also look at my original post on the subject here.

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