Friday, August 10, 2012

Awkward & Behind You

Hey guys - its 20 of 1am Thursday night/Friday morning. The past two days at camp have been awesome!! We've sang great songs, heard great sermons, danced like no one was around, and played some intense night games. Camp is crazy. End of discussion. Just kidding! :) At the craft shack we made ninja stars and magnet boards yesterday and today. Mid-morning there is a chunk of time set aside for two 45 minute class sessions. During that time, I have no responsibilities. So yesterday I found myself downloading and playing Oregon Trail for a while. That was interesting yet awkward. At night, after dinner we have small groups. There are around 7 kids in each group + 1 leader + 1 teacher. The leader is the same everynight. Their main responsibilities are relating with the kids, building relationships, and making sure they pay attention. The teachers go to a different group each night and teach. For example, I am a leader. My group meets in.Chapel in the Pines. My mother is a teacher. She's been to a group at the beach, chapel in the pines, etc. The second shot is a picture of 'Behind Me'.You can see the three crosses that act as a gorgeous backdrop for whoever may be speaking. Well, its 1am now and my eyelids are drooping. I'll leave you with the two pictures! I've been participating in White Peach Blog's Photo a Day challenge, which you can find at her blog. You can also look at my original post on the subject here.

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