Monday, August 6, 2012

Home[town] and Change

Hey guys - so yesterday's photo challenge was called Hometown. But, my mother and I are volunteering at a local camp this week which is why O have a picture of the camper we're staying in. We'll be leading crafts, teaching a class, and helping with small groups. Keep us, the campers, and the camp in your prayers this week as we strive to share God's love.

Today's challenge is called Change. I was reading a book and trying to think of how I could photograph change for you. Then it hit me. You'll remember a few days ago I was reading Under the Overpass and drinking hot coffee (you can find that post here). Well, today I am reading Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis and drinking a yummy french vanilla iced coffee from Wawa. So that's my change. Home life to camp life. :)


  1. What a great book!! :) Do you like it?

  2. Great pics from a great girl. Love and miss you guys!!!!