Monday, June 11, 2012

A quick hello

I just wanted to stop by and say a quick hello!  Life is good and full and busy!!!  There are so many flowers blooming in our gardens and it sends me through the roof with happiness and joy to see all of these beauties surrounding my home.  Need an easy smile, show me a flower!!  Here are a few of my flower friends!!

Who doesn't love a daisy, with their crisp white petals and sunny centers!!

We planted a bunch of hydrangea plants about a year or two ago, I've been waiting impatiently for these beauties to bloom!!!  I'm soooo excited to have these pretty ladies around the yard and house!

A funny summery mix in our front gardens.....new poppies are "popping" up throughout the bed, here's a pretty pink one, we have red and orange too!!  They tuck themselves in for the night - so cute how they wrap themselves up and settle in until the morning light!

Our big snowball hydrangeas....love these guys too!!  They are so pretty in all stages from the pale green, to the full bloom, even dried to a tan/brown.  I have some dried ones in a crock on my hutch.

Maybe next time I'll hit the roses up for some pictures!!  They are blooming and beautiful as well!!  Have a wonderful and blessed evening!!


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