Thursday, June 21, 2012

Giving up.

That's it!!!!  I've had it!!!  No, I won't take it back -you can't make me!!!!!!  Ever said that or wish that you could???  Mmmmhmmmmm me too!  This morning, in fact.  Just a few short hours ago.  What am I talking about, you aks?  


Ew.  It's ugly isn't it?  It's also very deceiving.  It wears a disguise, pretending to be something good.  Whispering in your ear that it's good and right and true and what you should be aiming for.  If I can control this......everything will be perfect.


To the Christ follower, it's contrary to all that we are taught.  Well except for the fruit of the Spirit....Self-Control.  But dare I say, that I think you need to be careful of that one too.  You can't take that at face value.  You must seek it further and deeper. Standing there by itself, it comes off as something that we do on our own and that couldn't be further from the truth.  If we have any self-control at all, trust me, it's only because of the Spirit within us.  I'd like to change that to say God-Control.  I don't really want to control myself, I'm fairly certain that would not end well.  I'd much rather be God-Controlled.  I'm trusting that would have a much better outcome!

Anyway, back to control.  That elusive little devil.  How many things pop up in your day that you feel you have to control.  To-do lists, goals, people, jobs...etc.  Even the best laid plans, plans of the heart can turn in to a control fest.  Feeling like if I don't do this, provide that, all will be lost or at the very least, it won't be a great as I want it to be.  And you and I both know that just won't do!!!! {hahaha}  I think that Jesus sits back and laughs at us, kindly, of course, and He waits for us to run into that wall one last time before we exhaustedly say "That's it!!!  YOU do it!!!!!"  With a large smile across His face, He says in return "It's about time!!!"

Here are the things that I gave up control of this morning:

1. the scheduling of meals for a friend, He will provide the who, what, where and when (and He did)

2. my meloncholy mood, I can actually choose joy and joy will come, haHa!!

3. tomorrow, more specifically next week....we leave for CreationFest on Tuesday, leading a group of just under 50 people.  Things are bound to go awry, things that are really out of my control, but I tend to think that I can and should control them. It'll be good!!!

4. to come at a later date, because I know that I've only just begun (are you singing the Carptenter's as well?)

You see, when I finally resolved myself to Let Go and Let God, I gave Him the room that He needs to do what He does best (and I do not).  I'm amazed - although I shouldn't be.  I know Him.  I know that He's good on His word.

Just before the lightbulb came on, I had come across this post on facebook.
That's it.  That's all it said.  Simple. Profound. Exactly what I needed at that exact moment.  I then realized that I had a choice to make and....

Bye-bye meloncholy, see ya later sarcasm, adios agitation.  I'm not doing it!!!  I gave up and God flooded me with joy!  Joy in the big things, joy in the little things, just pure joy.  I know that those little things are going to try to creep back in and I know that I will have to be on guard.  I will have to continually make this choice, all day, every day.

It really is the best choice that I could make!!  The heaviness of my day has been lifted!!!  No more burden to bear.  My cares have been casted and now I'm free to move in Freedom and Joy!  Please, won't you try it???  I know you're carrying around a list of things to control!!!  Share them here as a physical way of letting them go!!!!

God's Blessings <3 Lorraine
p.s. I miss JESSICA!!!!!!!

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