Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Light

Hey guys - I'm on spring break and getting back into the swing of blogging! Between midterms and papers being due, I've been busy! But, I'm back to blogging and couldn't be more excited. Without further ado.....

"The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not overcome (understood) it." - John 1:5

A week or so ago I started reading through the book of John, and not only 10 verses in, I came across the above verse. I've read it dozens of times, and oftentimes I dismiss it; however, this time it struck me. The darkness can't understand or overcome the light. A picture popped into my head, I imagined a flashlight. Ironically, the same day I came across this verse, our electricity wasn't working. As we looked for a flashlight, in the dark, I realized that when you shine a flashlight in broad daylight, you can't see the light coming from it. All you see is the flashlight. But, when you shine your flashlight in a pitch-black room, the light shines brighter than ever.
God gives us a light, His light, and it is illuminated by the darkness and the trials that we go through. A flashlight without some source of power behind it means nothing. But when that flashlight, equipped with batteries and power, is turned on in the dark no amount of darkness can diminish the light. How bright is your light shining? Did you turn it off when the darkness surrounded you or did you continue to keep it shining bright?
~ Jessica

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