Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Simple Grace - Week Four

Alright, so instead of a wordy post about my thoughts on extending Grace to others....I'm going to give you the chance to practice it!!!  I don't have a post today on extending Grace, I don't.  It's killing me, trust me when I say, I'm fighting feeling like a failure.  But I have to put this into perspective, while I'm assuming that there are people out there who enjoy reading my posts, I know that your world is not going to end because I didn't come through with a post on Grace today!  At least I hope that's true, please don't tell me if your world falls apart after this!!! lol

So anyway, I decided to advertise locally for the sale of sugar cookies for Valentine's Day!  I have several orders between this week and next, I'm still a newbie at this so I'm scrambling just a bit to fit these cookies in with everything else that I'm doing.  It takes a bit of finesse so bear with me!!!  I'd like to quickly say that I think extending Grace to others is being willing to let go of the expectations that we put on others when we see they aren't going to match up with what's actually happening.  It's a tough one, especially if we don't extend Grace to ourselves in those same moments.

I'm still working on that!  I guess, that since it is a process, it'll be a while, if ever, that I nail that down.  I hope not though, I think we all need to get to the position of extending Grace to ourselves and others, simply because Jesus so easily and readily offers it to us and if we are following His example, we have no reason not to get to that place!!

Valentine's Day is next Thursday, which is also my son; Joe's 13th Birthday!!!!!  I can't even believe that!!!  But anyway, I think February is a great month to really contemplate what Jesus' love looks like, feels like and how it can transform us!!!  Take some time to know Whose you are <3  Send a few Valentine's His way in your prayers this month and let Him tell you and show you how crazy He is for you <3

It'll change your life!!!! 

God Bless <3 Lorraine

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