Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's time to make the...........

SMOOTHIES!!!!!  It's time to make the Smoothies, not Donuts!!!  (How many of you said donuts?)

Back in, I think, January, my hubbs wanted to purchase a good blender so that he/we could start making fruit and vegetable smoothies.  We'd been watching all of these documentaries about eating and health, juicing, etc.  Close friends of ours had started doing this and he was amped up and ready to try it for himself.  So we purchased the Ninja Kitchen Mate, a few bags of frozen fruit and a few bags of greens, collard greens and spinach to be exact.

I wasn't really sure about the whole thing.....fruit and veggies???  If you know me, then you know that my history with either of these is kinda shady and it's only been in the past 10 years or so that I've really started to heal that shady relationship, but together, in a drink?  Ummmmmm, ew.  But I really, really wanted to love it!  It's sooooo good for you and I could stand to benefit from a few of those wonderful heath gems.  I tried his and it was, um, gross!  It took me a week before I jumped on board and tried it for myself!
I'll have you know, that I haven't gone all crazy wild with large varieties of fruits or veggies....I'm a comfort zone kind of girl. So I pretty much stick with what I know and that is - Strawberries and Bananas.  I knew that the collards were too tart so I tried the spinach, and ya know what????  YOU CAN'T TASTE IT!!!!!  BINGOOOOOOO!!!  I'm in!!!  I may never try anything different, but at least I'm in!!!!

You can't see the bananas in the shot above because they're swimming in the milk, but trust me, they are there!!  We typically have a bag of frozen strawberries and a bag of mixed fruit; strawberries, peaches, mangoes and I think pineapple.  I decided to go crazy and try the mixed fruit!!!  Gasp, I know!!  How crazy can a girl get??  Haha!!  I actually liked it, no loved it, I loved it!!!  It was light and fresh and tropical and it makes me even more ready for spring and summer!!!!
The smoothie replaces breakfast and it's starting to inch out coffee as well!!!  We don't make as much coffee anymore because we're really not drinking it.  I may have a small cup after my smoothie, but I don't typically finish it!  I am full until lunch time.  It's completely satisfying and oh so yummy!  Of course since four out of six of us are doing the smoothie thing, I thought it only fair and appropriate to have a smoothie station! 

It's nothing fancy, I just put away the hot cocoa station and replaced it with the Ninja, 6 of our Coca-Cola glasses, a container of bright, fun straws and the accessories for the Ninja!  It's helpful to have everything you need right there on the counter!!  I really, really look forward to my morning smoothie and against large parts of my mind, I am looking forward to branching out and trying different combinations!  There are soo many benefits to eating drinking fruits and veggies, that I'd be silly not to try it!!
This is a very, very sad sight.  I have to keep myself from making seconds!!! 
Bill also adds sunflower seeds to his.  I know that he'd like to get Chia seeds, we hear that they are very good for you as well.  There's no magic formula to this smoothie thing, I mean, I'm sure there are tons of wonderful recipes out there, but for us, for now, there's just this.....a handful of frozen or fresh fruit, a handful of greens, a few sunflowers and a dash of milk or water and blend away!  That's it!!  For me, there's the cute straw as well :)  It's gotta be cute or I ain't doin it!!!! lol
Seriously though, who wouldn't want to top it off with a fun swirly straw??  I found these on clearance at Target!!!  Thank You!!!  I may have to find some little umbrellas as spring approaches and turns into summer!  I could have a lot of fun with this!!!!
Other than the smoothies, life has been crazy as always!!  It's the best kind of crazy a girl could ask for though!!!
*My Joe (#3) turned 13 this month
*I picked up a few new shirts at Plato's Closet and thus can begin working on finding my style!!
*Disney Movie Night - Love themed; candle light dinner
*Student Leadership - Promoters, fun, loud, outgoing kids
*stealing moments with my baby girl; she's gonna be nine this summer!!!!!!!!
*lots of movie watching and down time; always cherishing the down time
*youth group; aka being right where God wants me
*leaning on God and trusting in His plan and His never ending love
*and so much more!!!!!
Until next time!!!! <3 God bless

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