Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Movin' on......

I want to start by saying that I'm getting a new computer (YIPPEE)!!!  You don't know how badly I need this!!!  My dinosaur, I mean computer hasn't worked properly for I don't know how long.  I can't open most of the programs, it's super duper slow and very frustrating.  In fact I've wasted about 20 minutes just now in waiting for the proper screens to open.  Jumping between screens?  FOR.GET.IT!!!  It's like asking your child in preparing for bed to 1. brush their teeth 2. put on pj's 3. get into bed!!  It's command overload and they either end up staring at you blankly or they make their way to the bath or bedroom and then get sidetracked on something that you did NOT ask them to do!  Anyway, my parents are very generously helping a girl out in this area and I am forever grateful <3  Much love to you Mom and Dad!!!

Last weekend was spent with about 35 junior and senior highers at our Youth Group Winter Retreat.  It used to be called "Snow Camp" but for a few reasons we moved it out of the Poconos and down to the beach.....no snow.  Just sand.  It was incredible none-the-less!!  This was my first full out youth retreat experience.  Last summer I joined the girls from youth group on their retreat (at the beach) and it was nice.....calm, sweet, easy.  I liked it.  Let me tell you, adding the boys is a totally different story altogether!!  It was hyped up, crazy, active, and amazing!!!  From our praise and worship (here's a shout out to The World Outside for doing an amazing job, also check out this article) to our lesson on Joseph, every part of the weekend was God ordained.  Okay maybe the midnight bowling wasn't, but it was still fun!!

I'm still not quite recovered but the week is moving along regardless!!!  God is moving in some big ways over here and I am in awe!!  You know Jessica's post from last week, Beautiful?  She hit it right on the head with that one.  God has truly taken this past year and is ever so gently turning it into something beautiful and useful for His glory and our good.  The hubs had a difficult decision to make this week, but standing on the facts and God's grace was all that he needed to move forward.  There has been some interest swirling around him again and even if it doesn't turn into anything at this point, it's good for the soul.  To know that you have potential, something that catches someones attention, is sometimes all we need to renew our confidence.  God is faithful to provide those little love notes when He sees fit (which is always when we are in need of receiving)!

One of the things that we pulled from our lesson on Joseph was learning to use your current situation for Kingdom work.  God has equipped each of us with certain tools to be used no matter where we find ourselves.  Like Joseph, we often find ourselves in less than glamorous situations and unlike Joseph we end up sitting in a corner sulking, asking God "Why are you doing this to me?".  We can't even see the answer, because we are so inward focused.  God has truly used this year to turn our attention outward and upward.  It was so neat to notice how many times the bible tells us that "God was with him (Joseph), in the cistern; God was there, in prison; God was there, in false accusations; God was with him.  He has been with us all along, He promises to never leave us or forsake us.....so why do we think He's out to get us when things aren't going "our" way.  Quite honestly, I don't think I want things going "my way" anymore.  It's time to move over and let things go His way <3

Well I pray that you continue to focus on the One who loves you in such grand ways that we can't even begin to fathom!!  Be blessed friends!!

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