Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday's Favorite Five #3

Friday's Favorite Five
Hey gatherers, My mother (Lorraine) and I have decided that every Friday we are going to post a favorite five recap of our week. This will allow us to consistently have something up on our blog for you guys to check out. The categories are as follows:

1. Craft

While this is not an actual 'craft' I've decided to put it under the Craft heading. This website has some super cute printables for planning and other things of the sort! Check them out HERE and get your life organized!

2. Music

I found this song a while back and loved it instantly! 'You and I Both' by Jason Mraz has an extremely catchy tune and the video is...well...interesting to say the least!

3. Blog/Other

Alright, we slacked this week and don't have a favorite blog... oops! But, this is a recipe we found recently for homemade eye makeup remover. While we haven't tried it yet, we're excited to see how it works. We might even post about what we think! :) Oh, I almost forgot, the link for this recipe is HERE!

4. Scripture
A promise from God! :D

5. Quote
<3 Honduras <3

Thanks for joining us and looking at our favorites for the week!
~Lorraine and Jessica

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