Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Legacy of Love

My apologies for not getting right back.  I know I promised some pictures of our favorite holiday moments. I know that you'll understand <3

Last Friday, January 6th, I received a phone call that my grandmother was preparing to meet Jesus.  She was 93 years old and was dealing with the later stages of Alzheimers, Dimensia and Parkinsons'.  Lately she had been rapidly decreasing in her abilities to eat or drink, get out of bed, etc.  So since that call, my regular life has been put on hold.

On Monday, January 9th, my Grandmother, Connie,  took her last breath here on earth and went to be with her Heavenly Father.  Her four daughters were with her at that time and it was a peaceful transition.  Over the weekend we were blessed to have caught some special moments with her. 

She was telling me that she wanted us to be happy and asked me if she'd be happy.  "Oh yes, you'll be very happy" I replied.  I got to talk to her about the peace that Jesus leaves with us, the streets of gold, her new body and how there will be no more suffering.  I know that there are many more stories like that to be told.  It surely was a gift from God.

My grandmother lived a full life.  She was all about family, in fact, her daughters each lived less than 3 miles away from her.  She was at every family function and spent a lot of regular days with all of us as well.  Our family has always maintained close ties and I believe that is due to the love and examples set from my grandmother. 

She was a very sweet and very loved lady and she never met a stranger.  She had four daughters (which I mentioned above) their wonderful husbands, 10 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren.  We all adored her and will miss her very much. 

This has a been a rough week for us all, but I know that we are so thankful that she is in Heaven and is now finally living.  We look forward to the day that we will be reunited with her and my grandpop.

Tomorrow is her funeral service.  I know that the only way that we will get through the day is by the grace and strength that God will give us.  We have to remember that while we miss her here with us, she is in a much better place <3  And we will see her again, someday.

Florence (Connie) Elizabeth Bischoff
November 23, 1918 - January 9, 2012
She lived the dash fully <3


  1. Thanks for sharing this Lorraine, I love it. I hope to look at this everyday.