Monday, November 28, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

I know, I know, we just got through Thanksgiving! But, the truth is, Christmas will soon be upon us. This year, I feel more than ready. So, I thought I would take my excitement and joy for Christmas and put it into one of my favorite things, a list! 
My top 5 favorite things about Winter/Christmas:
1) Giving - I love to buy gifts for people and I love the joy on their face when they open said gift. Not because the gift is particularly expensive or shiny, but because I like to buy gifts that show I put some thought into it!
2) Family - By this, I don't mean extended family that I only see on holidays. I mean the family I see everyday, the siblings that get in my hair and drive me crazy. Now, I'm not about to get TOO mushy on you, but there is something about Christmas that makes everyone a little bit more manageable and friendly.
3) Traditions - I love traditions and the fact that it's something you can count on from year to year. I'm a little bit of a controlling person and I love something that I can count on to happen. Even the smallest things, like cinammon buns on Christmas morning, and the tedious-ness of sitting upstairs while the grandparents and parents get all 50 cameras ready to capture my morning breath (yes, I'm sure it's strong enough to come off on camera).
4) Snow - I love the feeling that snow brings, like Christmas is completed. I know that you can have hot chocolate and watch movies without snow, but it feels so much more productive with snow. Kind of like something to check off on the to-do list. (Watch hallmark movies with hot chocolate and snow. CHECK!) Which brings us to...
5) Hallmark - I LOVE cheesey movies! It doesn't have to be on Hallmark channel either, anything from It's a Wonderful Life to The Little Troll Prince. Christmas movies in general are fabulous.
EXTRA) Music - Christmas music is somewhat of an annoyance but I couldn't have left it out, what's Christmas without the music? I guess you could say we have a love-hate relationship. I have to note that I am overly excited for Michael Buble's new album!! woo! woo!

So there it is, as you are all gearing up for Christmas don't forget the most important part... The birth of Christ. Although the actual birth date is unknown (which gets on my nerves sooo much! Why Dec. 25th??) Christmas is an excellent time to take advantage and show someone the joy we not only find in the Christmas season but in Christ, our savior.

Something to think (and comment) about: What's your favorite part about the Christmas season?


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  1. Hmmmmmmm........I'm not quite sure! I suppose my favorite part would be hanging out with the fam... I also like the traditions and music:) And no, it's not too early to talk about Christmas! :D hehe