Friday, March 21, 2014

Spring Fling

Happy Spring Friends!!  I don't know about you, but I am so ready for spring to begin!  Although there is more snow in our forecast, I'm looking forward to warmer temps, new life sprouting all around, the promise and hope of new beginnings and so much more!  

Since I can't depend on the seasonal change to take place and stay put, I've decided to have a Spring Fling inside my home!  The heavy, darker elements of winter have been packed away and the bright, refreshing colors of spring are making their appearance!

Being a part of the Ladies Tea Ministry at my church has helped with this endeavor.  We celebrated the first day of Spring yesterday and I wanted to make sure that Spring was felt in that room!  In my mind, I ran through the props that I have from previous tea's and decided that I wanted a clean, fresh look this time around.  Fresh flowers was the way to go and I knew that I wanted to use my blue Ball Mason jars to hold them.  .

After that, I decided to bring in my white pitcher collection and some of my antique glass cake plates.
I saw a theme developing before my eyes and I knew that blue and white was the base color palate with pinks and yellows coming in from the flowers.  I immediately began to gather items from around my home to see how they all worked together. It was so much fun!!!  I seriously could create and decorate every day of my life!! 

 The nest print came from whatever, the candle is Spring from Bath & Body Works

The tea came together beautifully and it's always a treat for me to spend the morning with my church staff , the girls who help put this together, and these wonderful ladies.  The women always have such wonderful stories to share from their childhood and I love how it keeps me connected to the past.

The next time I'm bringing something to create a backdrop.  The dry erase board and tv hanging aren't very pretty! lol

Blackberry, Strawberry and Apricot Thumbprints

As I was setting up for the tea I realized that I could use these elements on my mantle at home.  I always struggle to find something fresh for the mantle and now that our television is up there, it seems to be more of a struggle!  Obviously I couldn't set my mantle the exact same way as the tea, but I could use some of the same pieces to create the same overall feel!  I figured I had to unpack when I got home anyway, so I might as well change up the mantle.....it was about time!

I like to create interest by grouping similar things and using various heights.  Also by making sure that both ends of the mantle tie into one another, not that it has to be exact, but there has to be a common thread. 

I'm not sure about the hoop that is hanging.  There is only one screw in the brick so I can't hang more easily.  But when I take it down, it seems like something is missing.  I don't know, still need to tweak things a bit!  It's always a work in progress!!

The "Choose Happy" print is from Pinterest

I'm not a professional by any means nor do I claim to know all of the "rules" but I know what works for me and I know where to find inspiration.  If I were to offer a few starting points for you this is what I would say:

1. know what you like - who wants to surround themselves with things that they don't like -I know, that seems like a no brainer, but trust me, I'm sure someone out there either has things that they don't particularly care for or they've settled for nothing at all.

2. know the first rule of decorating - there really are no rules- I'm sure that you can find plenty who disagree but toss them aside and do what you love!  Does it make you smile, come to life, bring memories and positive feelings flooding in?  Then do it!

3.  have fun - if its not fun, don't do it!  Maybe you need to wait until you're "feeling" it.  I know I do.  If my creative mojo isn't flowing, I leave it alone.  When it hits, I know it and I move on it!!

4. find inspiration - inspiration is not seeing something and feeling like you have to have everything exactly the same.  It's not feeling overwhelmed and unable to attain.  Inspiration is something that moves you in a certain direction.

5. don't feel like you have to go out and spend money - you don't!  Shop your house first!  Then maybe shop your friends homes. (okay, just window shop there, but it's a good place to start!!)  I used to feel that way, and if I'm being honest, there are times that I do still feel that way.  I try to curb that desire but if I can't, I try to shop clearance or thrift stores and I always use nature -its free!

If you don't know where to look for inspiration check Pinterest or check out some bloggers!  For decorating inspiration I go to Lemonade Makin' Mama, Flower Patch Farmgirl, Meg Deurkson at whatever and quite a few more!! (side note: you get so much more than decorating with these gals, part of why I love them so much!!) 

The three of these ladies cover simplicity, quirkiness and color in their design.  It's fun trying to infuse each of their styles into one that I can call my own.  I'm not there yet and I may never be, but it sure is fun trying!!  Another one of my inspirations is my dear friend Shawn.  She has a beautifully restored farmhouse around the corner from me and I pull the beauty of the past from her.  Her home is warm, inviting and full of wonderful collections.


  1. You did a beautiful job, L-Cat! It reminds me so much of Sarah's wedding that we had on our farm. Thanks for being so sweet to me. :) Happy Friday!