Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mid Summer Check In

Happy July!!!!  I can't believe how quickly summer is flying by!!!  Sadly I've only made it into our pool once!!  ONCE??!!  That's awful.  We've had tons of other things going on around here though.  Jessica and I have been on a decorating kick.  My mantel has been driving me nuts ever since we moved in.  The family room in general is dull and dark and it's hard creating a fun mantel when all of your supplies are dark and drab too :/

I woke up one Monday knowing that it was the day to hit Hobby Lobby.  It felt right in my soul, it was to be the day of the deal.  I would come home with great finds and spend little cash, and as a result have the perfect mantel...full of color and fun!!!

The kids were game and we were off!!!  We hit an 80% off sale and the cart was packed (they're small, it doesn't take much).  We had just rounded the first corner of the store and suddenly the lights went out!!!!!  Uuuuuuuuummmmmmm.  The employees asked for all of the customers to head to the front of the store until they could determine what the problem was.  I'm thinking "crap, I better not lose my stuff"!!  Next a fire alarm starts ringing throughout the store and we are asked to leave the store!!!  Leave. The. Store.  Buuuut, my stuff???  What about my stuff??

I hesitantly left my cart by the front of the store and promised to return to it before long.  Those delicious items would find a new home with me no matter what!!!!!!  Luckily there was another crazy customer who felt the same exact way that I did!!!  So, what did we do???  Well, we did what any devoted, task driven, sale lovin', sane minded customer would do.......we sat on the sidewalk and waited!!!  I'm totally not kidding!!!!

There we are....waiting it out!!  It took the better part of two hours, we deterred many an eager customer and had to break a LOT of hobby lobby hearts.  It was sad, but we had no choice.  I wish I would have taken a picture of my friend, Gale.  She's the crazy customer that waited it out with us.  She was a blast!!  We hit it off and I think she easily could have been my aunt.  She would have fit right in!!!
So, the lights came on and we headed back in.  Customer Satisfaction was top priority and we all went home with our beloved treasures!!!!  Some of the employees joked about us sitting out there for so long and said they would make us "I survived the Hobby Lobby Blackout" t-shirts!!  I would totally wear one...no lie!!
Well we made it home and had fun setting things up and decorating.  I'm sure the mantle will change every other week!  In fact, I've already added something new to it!!
I'm sorry that the pictures are small. Apparently I have a crappy phone camera and they're all fuzzy when I enlarge them. I picked up the "Grace" print at 50% off!!! The turquoise orb, the yellow flower pot, yellow metal candle stick and the small plate.  The yellow star was previously natural wood colored and I hit that with some spray paint.  The cabinet door and window frame were pieces that I already had.  They may be getting a makeover someday soon. 
I also grabbed a fun yellow pillow.  It was on clearance for $4.00!!!! FOUR DOLLARS FOR A THROW PILLOW!!!!!!! I should have bought more!!! Jessica grabbed a few fun pillows (that I don't have any pictures of) and a fun bicycle print for $2.00!! We are both glad that we sat it out and the day turned out to be a success!!!! 
More recently we hit Michaels and Jessica got a few fun frames for her bedroom and is currently working on a fun, colorful photo/frame collage for Julia's side of the room!!! 
"Whatever" print from http://megduerksen.typepad.com/

I've already changed the mantel a bit.  Things don't stay the same around here for very long, in case you haven't picked up on that yet!!
"Nest" print also from http://megduerksen.typepad.com/
I found the white frame at Wal-Mart, although it wasn't white when I bought it.  I took a can of white spray paint and liked it much better!  Well, that's it for now!!  I have to run some friends home and head to youth group!!!
Hope you're staying dry and cool and having a great summer!!!!  I'll check back in soon and fill you in on my cookie progress!!!

Happy Summer and God Bless
<3 Lorraine

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