Friday, April 19, 2013

My sweet escape

After a month and half of being MIA, you get two posts from me in the course of three days!!!  How lucky are you??  lol 

I sat here on Tuesday evening determined to take the night off.  I've been going full steam, non-stop for, well, ever (or so it seems) and I just knew that I had to force myself to take a break.  I figured I'd just sit and do nothing all night, maybe hang out on Facebook, peruse Pinterest and probably stalk Instagram.  Then I realized, that's not truly a break!  It's fun, mind you, but not the break that I was needing.  After pecking out a quick update post I had the impulsive idea to text my sweet friend Shawn, who lives around the corner to see what she was up to.  She has the best farmhouse around and I pass it five out of seven days.  Her wrap-around porch and rocking chairs call my name each and every time I pass by!  It was calling my name from a mile and half away and I jumped to respond!!!

She was out when I texted but would be home soon.  That was my opportunity to doubt my impulsive self and spiral downward into a little pit of self-pity.  But......I saw that one coming and dodged it, explaining to her why I was texting.  She was game and I was ready!!!  This will probably embarrass her, and I don't mean it to, but she is the cutest, darn, country gal I know (she uses gal instead of girl and it just adds to the cuteness).  I pull in to her horse-shoe drive way and there she is in cute blue, denim overalls, Wellies (green rubber boots that are customary foot attire in these parts), her hair pulled back, pushing a wheelbarrow full of, I think dirt and tools!

First thing I said when I got out of the car was "You are so stinkin' cute, I can't stand it!!!", to which she laughed (embarrassedly) and gave me a big hug!  She and her home offer me such a deep, beautiful, peace that I almost can't handle it!  We settled on having a cuppa hot tea and as she went in to prepare that, I wandered around a small part of her property and snapped pictures.  It was such a beautiful evening, the space was quiet and freshly manicured and I could just deeply breathe and exhale.  It was exactly what I needed.

There is so much life and creativity in this yard that it's hard to not capture it and freeze it in time!
I have always joked with Shawn, that one day she was going to come home from work and find me sitting in her back yard!  I don't know why I've waited so long to do that!!  I felt God in every detail, every plant and structure. 

I told Shawn that I was taking the night off and didn't want to talk about anything "work" related.  My mind needed to rest and this was place to do it!

Instead of the front/side porch we sat at this private little table tucked in the back side yard.  It was more perfect that rocking chairs. 

We talked, and talked, and talked.

I took a little walk across a little bridge to visit with Justin and Emily (Shawn's sweet little donkeys)

They were a little wary at first, then I got down on their level.  Justin stayed back, but Emily couldn't resist a little girl time!!!  We girls just love to get together, don't we.  They are so sweet!!

I had to capture her pretty, little mane <3

Looking back from the pasture at the house.  Shawn and her husband Steve, have done such a wonderful job recreating this home and property into such a beautiful get-away.  I can't get enough of it!!

I don't know what kind of tea we had, but it was perfect!  We chatted until well after the sun went down, with no thought of time or schedule.  I have to admit, though, we did end up talking a little bit about "work".  We discussed my plans and ideas for the wedding in May that I'm decorating for.  Shawn has some great organic ideas and the resources to help me pull it all together.  After relaxing for so many hours, talking plans didn't seem like work at all, rather it was fun, refreshing and stress free!!!  The way that it should be!

We ended the evening praying for each other and just praising and thanking God for His goodness!   Both of our husbands find themselves in work positions that they/we never would have imagined.  Our futures are somewhat uncertain and that can leave a "gal" feeling tired and worn.  Though our circumstances change and are shakey, our God doesn't change and He is the only sure thing that we can stand on, so that's what we did!!
I woke up this morning (wednesday) feeling well rested, refreshed, renewed and ready to face my day and all of the "jobs" that God has set me to do!  I am planning on escaping more frequently.  Finding a quiet, peaceful, loving place to sit, explore and soak in God's goodness is the way to go!
Tell me, where and/or what is your sweet escape?  I'd love to know how you refresh, renew and recharge!!!
God bless <3 Lorraine

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  1. There is this fabulous hotel here on Lake Victoria... and it costs $8 to swim there... but you can walk their gardens for free :) Heading there tomorrow with the family. Can't wait to breathe!