Friday, November 9, 2012

More or Less........

Hi friends!!!  Happy Friday!!!  I feel like it's been a long time since I've been by this way and I do apologize!!  I'm wondering just how long it takes before you fall into a good groove of blogging, knowing exactly who you are in this vast blog world.  I honestly wonder if I'm even supposed to be here or not :/  Anyone else ever feel that way??? 

Anywho.....things are always busy around here but today I find myself faced with a very rare (just about extinct actually) kind of a day.  My girls are off at work (Julia is tagging along with Jessica to help with Cole) and my boys are off at an all day birthday party!  That leaves, the dog, the cats, the chickens & ducks and little old me!!!  All by myself!!!!  With a whole.entire.ginormous day in front of me!!!! Okay, it's partially over being that it's after 11:00 but you catch my drift!!! 

I am not used to days like this but believe my I am singing my thanks!!!!  We left the house at 8:15 this morning, I got my people to their places and arrived back at home, not too long ago.  I threw in a load of laundry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Have I mentioned that we've been three weeks without a washer????  Three Weeks People!!!!  For a family of six, that is not a good thing!!!!  I've reheated my coffee and perused my thoughts of how to go forward with this day!  There are so.many.options!!

I decided to come up to my office (aka schoolroom) and spend a little time on the computer!  I thought I'd catch up on emails, facebook and a few blogs, you know to get my creative energy flowing!!!

Okay, so laundry........definitely going to work on that today!!!!  We've gone through all of our "extra" clothes this past week, in an effort to gather donations for Superstorm Sandy victims.  We personally have donated at least 40 bags and boxes of clothing.  Half were clothes that we've grown out of  the other half we were waiting to grow into (let me clarify.....these are kids clothes that we are talking about - I, myself have NO intention of "growing into" anything).  We could probably continue this process and still come up with another 20 bags just from our closets!!!  That may happen.


This has inspired to me to tackle the rest of my attic.  Housewares and holiday items are in abundance up there and I think it's high time that they move on from here!  I've been in the mental process of coming to terms with living with less.  We have so much excess and after a while, after you've seen enough people without, after your closest peeps spend a week in a third world country and after you read amazing blogs and books of people who are doing IT.  They are pouring themselves out, they are giving out of what they have and sometimes don't have.  They are heart and world changers.  Couple that with feeling your pockets squeeze because you're not financially in the same place that you were three years ago, or one year ago for that matter.  After taking ALL OF THAT in.......you just have to do something!!!! 

So the attic is number 2 on my list of things to do with my day!  Next on my list is baking.....I haven't done any baking recently (well my kiddos baked some chocolate chip cookies the other day)


A dear friend of mine brought over some very ripened bananas for me the other night (tha,t my friend, is true friendship!!).  She said she knows that I/we like to make banana bread and whatnot, so she thought of me!!!!  True sweetness!!  I just have to make something banana-y with them today!!!!  We'll see how that goes!!! 

I know that this day is going to fly by me, so I better get moving and go grab myself a piece of it!!!!  Hope you have a fabulous friday!!!!  I know I will <3

God Bless!!!!!
Lorraine <3


  1. I finally found my bloggy groove when I gave some days themes. Mondays: gratitude. Tuesdays With (someone from here). Thursdays: TIA (THis is Africa). Friday Five (list of five somethings). That way I can view my world through a grid and plug it in to my blog. You could even be more general- family, inspiration, devotional, house stuff, missions, who knows! I know you got it in you! Can't wait to see how He uses it!

  2. Hey! I like that blog and coffee shot. Hehehe! I'm planning on cleaning out my closet tonight and so is mom. The youth group will have plenty of bags to donate tomorrow!