Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Life

Hi friends, just wanted to share our eggciting news!!!!  On Tuesday, March 13th we welcomed 9 little new lives into our family!!!!!!

This is the second spring that we have incubated some of our eggs and it was just as eggciting this time as it was the first time!!  There is something about waiting the 21 days that it takes for these babies to begin the hatching process.  Then waiting, for hours possibly, as they work so hard to break their way through the shells and into this world.

We all watch with anticipation, eager to see the first pip in the shell.  Right as they are getting ready to hatch, you can even hear them chirping inside!! 

It's an amazing picture of the process that we all go through in life, we struggle to fight our way through the hard times, only to come out and find our place and our strength.  Like I said, it can sometimes take one chick hours to finally break through.  It's such exhausting work and as a mom, it's hard for me not to reach in and give them a little help.  But I can't do that, it would ruin the process for them.  They must go through the hard times to gain their strength.

I'd like to reach in and help my children get through their struggles.  Eventhough I am here to love, support and encourage them, I cannot save them from their trials.  They must be allowed to fight and work through their hard stuff.  For only after the fight, do we find our peace.  I am thankful for my Heavenly Father, who is there with them and us through every struggle and storm.  We learn to rely heavily on Him to see us through.  What a gift of true life!!



  1. Great pics Lorraine! The chicks are so sweet!

    And what a lesson for us moms, we can't reach in and "fix" all of our kids problems, but just be there to love and support them.

    But why is it soo hard?

  2. Thanks Martie <3 We just found a yellow chick with feathered feet!!! I believe that we are taught from a young age to get in there and "fix" things....instead we should be taught and should be teaching others to "Be still and know God", that He will do the fixing and fighting for us, we honestly just have to rest right there in that.